Wisconsin’s Pandemic Voting


We’ve known for a long time that Republicans steal elections and disenfranchise minority voters. But who knew they’d use a pandemic to steal an election and risk the lives of their voters? Actually, everybody probably knew this.

They’re hypocrites too. Donald Trump is strongly against mail-in voting, even though he’s used it himself. His argument for why it’s OK for him and not for others is that it was the only way he could vote in that election. He genuinely does believe he’s a special, special boy.

The Republicans in Wisconsin dominate the legislature thanks to gerrymandering (During the 2018 election, Democratic candidates won 190,000 more votes for State Assembly seats, but the GOP held a 64-35 advantage in the chamber). They refused to work with the governor on mailing absentee ballots to all voters or move the primary. Then, the state Supreme Court sided with the legislature and forced the voters to vote Tuesday, in the middle of a pandemic. If Godzilla was stomping through Milwaukee, the Republicans would force voters to risk getting stomped, and all the better too if it’s in an urban area. Godzilla never stomped on a farm. Oh my god. Is Godzilla racist?

The most important race in the state is for a State Supreme Court seat that’s between the conservative incumbent justice, Daniel Kelly, and a liberal challenger, Jill Karofsky. The winner will be in a position to cast a deciding vote on a case before the court that seeks to purge more than 200,000 people from Wisconsin’s voter rolls, in a state where 2.6 million people voted in the last governor’s race. Republicans really want to purge those voters. This race will affect redistricting after the 2020 census.

Here’s the real tidbit: Because of the pandemic, there are only five voting precinct in Milwaukee…out of 180. Milwaukee contains nearly the entire black population in Wisconsin. Have you ever met a black Green Bay Packer fan. Think about it.

The most likely outcome of this is depressing. Republicans will probably win the State Supreme Court seat, they’ll redistrict to further disenfranchise voters in urban areas, and they’ll steal the state for Donald Trump in 2020.

Republicans cheat, lie, and steal. And if they have to kill you in the process to do it, hey one more voter they don’t have to suppress next time.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to buy one of your cartoons for quite a while, but most of your better ones have Trump in them, and I don’t want to look at his face, even with you drawing it. So, I am springing for this one. The only button I saw was the “Donate” button, so I hope that was the right one.

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      1. I don’t know if you maintain your website yourself or have someone else do it, but it would seem to be possible to add a button that says “Buy a Print of The Cartoon” for each entry. That way, you would be informed automatically which print the customer wants.

        I am not a web designer, so I couldn’t do it, but it seems like it shouldn’t be that hard.


  2. As a Wisconsinite for over 60 years, who cried during Scott Walker’s reign, I cry again for Wisconsin. Yes, I know – I moved to a state that has always been corrupt (Florida, in case you didn’t know). But . . . Wisconsin USED TO BE liberal, USED TO BE for the working wo/man (I worked at a school named after Walter Reuther for 30+ years). How far the state has fallen . . .

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      1. Yes, I was going to mention him, too, but forgot . . . thanks for adding him. You can see why I was/am still SO DISAPPOINTED about what the rethuglicans have done to WI. No, I should say . . . what the people of WI have allowed to happen. Heck, Scott Walker won a RECALL election . . . so I guess they deserve what they get.


  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Disgusting scene in Wisconsin … ‘We’ve known for a long time that Republicans steal elections and disenfranchise minority voters. But who knew they’d use a pandemic to steal an election and risk the lives of their voters? Actually, everybody probably knew this.’

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