Liar, Liar


Milwaukee has been burning.

Protests turned to violence in the wake of a police shooting of a fleeing armed suspect in the city. The 23-year-old shot was a black man. Police are reporting the officer who did the shooting is also black.  Governor Scott Walker has reportedly activated the National Guard.

Police say there was a body camera on the officer and it justifies the shooting as the suspect had turned toward the officer pointing his gun, but surprise, surprise, the audio was off. Technical issues seem to be a common occurrence in these police shootings when they go back to examine police footage of the incidents.

Wisconsin has been rated as the worst state for African Americans. The report was conducted by opinion and financial news website 24/7 Wall St (I’m not making these numbers up, people). The other states right behind are Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota where it’s probably really swell to live if you’re white or the artist formerly living named Prince. Sixty nine percent of the state’s black population lives in Milwaukee.

It probably doesn’t help the area That Milwaukee County Sheriff is David Clarke, also an African American, who loves to cite bogus statistics while denying the existence of racism and police brutality. Clarke has referred to the Black Lives Matter movement as a hate group and often calls them “sub-human creeps,” and “Black Lies Matter.” He loves Donald Trump and hates Beyonce (his panties are still in a bunch over her Super Bowl performance). He’s very popular with Republicans and spoke at their recent convention. No word yet on his opinion of Coldplay.

I had fun drawing pants on fire. A colleague of mine uses the publicity poster of the Jim Carrey movie Liar, Liar, about once every six months. Since the film came out in 1997 he must consider it a real classic and keep it between Gone With The Wind and Casablanca in his DVD collection, or in his case, VHS.

I almost gave the officer a Pinocchio nose but I couldn’t stomach the concept. It seems every political cartoonist has drawn Pinocchio (some several times) over the past year. Was there a memo sent among my profession that we’re not supposed to be irreverent anymore and I missed it?

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The Sport Of Bashing The Poor


Republicans in Wisconsin, Missouri and Maine are tired of poor people having fun being poor. That party has to stop. The GOP is introducing measures to limit what can be purchased with food stamps.

It’s punishing people for being poor. This isn’t even aimed at welfare fraud. It’s aimed at those who are being honest. If we have to feed them then let’s make sure they can’t taste their food.

Republicans like to deflect attention away from real problems. It’s the “look. a squirrel” strategy. It works. It makes the poor and stupid white people keep voting for them.

Unhappy with unemployment or you just don’t like people of different colors and those who talk different? Blame immigration, despite it being lower now than it ever has been in modern history.

Republicans want to give more benefits and credit to oil companies. Let’s point out how we shouldn’t be held hostage to Middle East countries and their oil, despite this country getting most of it’s oil from Canada.

Don’t like government waste then let’s attack social welfare, which we spend $59 billion a year on versus $92 billion on corporate welfare.

Republicans never attack corporate welfare. They don’t want to study it. They don’t want to limit it. They don’t want to know how the beneficiaries are spending it. Leave hardworking rich people and corporations alone with their government handouts but let’s make sure a single mother of three isn’t using your hard-earned money to spoil her kids with the luxury of ketchup.

Ronald Reagan made up a lie about a welfare queen in Chicago. He was never made to account for the racist lie and poor white people ate it up. The GOP is continuing that tradition today.