Syphilis Trump


By no means do I claim to be a perfect person, but one thing I try to do is not wish harm on anyone, even vile, despicable, horrid, putrid people. It can be difficult, but I believe that if you wish bad things on people, or rejoice when they do, then you turn yourself into the kind of person you’re wishing bad things on.

A few years ago, my son wished something bad would happen to someone who wasn’t very nice to me. I told my kid not to do that because it’s not necessary. I removed that person from my life and they couldn’t do anything to affect me anymore. I said that I actually wished them well and hoped the best for them. If nothing else, being them was punishment enough.

Whenever people comment under my cartoons wishing bad things, like diseases or death on Republicans, usually Donald Trump, I want to reply that they shouldn’t do that. We don’t have to do that. Whenever I see that meme of Trump hanging off a cliff with the question, “what would you do?” I like to think that I’d help him up. I might take my sweet time about it, but I’d help him.

And it must be bad enough to be Donald Trump and go through life orange, having to pay people to like you, unable to say an honest word, incapable of walking upstairs, indefinitely constipated, and having to constantly tape your hair to your head. Look at his face. That’s not the face of a happy camper.

And at the very least, it’s karma. Don’t wish bad shit on people, people.

But I have a confession. Each time I read about a Republican self-quarantining himself yesterday, I chuckled. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it.

Reading that one of the assholes at the CPAC thing was infected with the coronavirus just seemed like karma. What shit was that person wishing on others? Then, hearing that Ted Cruz shook hands with the individual, well, I let out more than a chuckle. Then, I heard of other Republicans having to self-quarantine after attending CPAC.

It gets worse because I cracked up laughing when I heard Florida Republican Matt Gaetz, the goon who wore a gas mask to the floor of the House to mock the coronavirus while voting on a bill funding a response to coronavirus, had also come into contact with the infected person at CPAC. Gaetz was worried, supposedly, that he’d catch something in the Capitol building but not at CPAC?

Did you hear Pearl Jam is canceling their North American tour over the coronavirus? Well, I’d rather lick the urinals at a Pearl Jam concert than touch a doorknob, or Ted Cruz, at CPAC. Though it’s been claimed that licking a urinal is similar to licking Ted Cruz. The guy should wear a urinal cake around his neck.

Other Republicans who may be infected are Representatives Paul Gosar, Louie Gohmert, Mark Meadows, and Doug Collins.

Paul Gosar joined the Bundy militia, tweeted a fake photo of President Obama with the president of Iran, accused the FBI and DOJ of “treason,” and claimed that George Soros funded the Nazis at the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally. Karma is an infected bitch.

Louis Gohmert helped spread debunked conspiracy theories about George Soros aiding the Nazis when he was a kid in Europe, read aloud the name of the accused whistleblower, and claimed that women from the Middle East were coming to the United States to deliver “terror babies.” I didn’t say not rejoicing at their unfortunate luck was easy.

Mark Meadows is Donald Trump’s latest Chief-of-Staff (for those keeping score at home, this is number four for Trump) and he is under quarantine until Wednesday. In 2012, Meadows said, “we are going to send Mr. Obama home to Kenya or wherever it is,” which makes it really difficult for me not to give him a Nelson Muntz “Ha-Ha” right now.

Doug Collins, one of Trump’s staunchest defenders from his perch as the Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee during the impeachment hearings, rode with Trump on Air Force One on Trump’s trip to the Center for Disease Control. Collins accused Democrats of being “in love with terrorists” and mourning Qasem Soleimani, so it’s OK if you laugh a little bit.

The White House initially canceled Donald Trump’s visit to the CDC, citing that Trump didn’t want to distract them. That turned out to be a lie as it was later revealed there was concern a worker there had contracted the virus. Then, the trip was back on.

But, since Donald Trump also attended CPAC along with Mike Pence (who’s leading the charge against the coronavirus) and brought Doug Collins along for the ride on Air Force One to the CDC, and is even on camera shaking his hand, he may have infected the CDC.

After his trip to the CDC, Donald Trump went to Mar-a-Lago to ignore the crisis while playing golf and bilking the taxpayers to finance his resorts. Guess who also went to Mar-a-Lago last weekend to kiss Trump’s ass? If you said “Matt Gaetz,” give yourself a cookie.

Now we have learned that neither Donald Trump nor Mike Pence has been tested for the coronavirus yet. Instead of protecting us from the virus, they may be spreading it. Like I wrote yesterday, if this was the zombie apocalypse, our leaders would all be zombies by now.

During an interview with Howard Stern in 1998, Donald Trump compared his dating life to fighting in Vietnam and that he deserved the Congressional Medal of Honor for having sex with women who may have had STDs. If anyone deserves a medal during that time, it’s probably the women Trump’s been with…and assaulted.

As it turns out now, the entire Republican Party is just one giant petri dish.

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This is surely a ‘must read’ … ‘As it turns out now, the entire Republican Party is just one giant petri dish.’
    In total agreement, I was chuckling all day yesterday as these ‘quarantines’ were reported!!

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  2. “ As it turns out now, the entire Republican Party is just one giant petri dish.”

    Not really.

    A Petri Dish is a clean, STERILE environment, containing a sterile nutrient for the kind of Microbes that you are looking for, that is Deliberately Infected by a REAL SCIENTIST for the purpose of studying said Microbes, you know, to maybe find a cure or something.

    The entire Republican Party is more like a discarded cracked dinner plate that was found submerged in a Septic Pond

    or a Polluted Swamp.

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  3. Guess what?

    The Syphilis Ad is back!

    Now in 2 versions… the second version in the screen shot is pretty much what you would expect for a syphilis ad, but the first version has a “Wait… What?…” moment mid-way through the list.

    WordPress won’t let me paste a screenshot in the Comment Box…
    you will just have to take my word for it unless you are lucky enough for WordPress to bestow it upon you.


  4. It is very nice of you to wish no harm come to those you do not like or respect, but it is hard to not rejoice when said harm becomes a real possibility, especially when YOU did not curse them.
    But why do you think in the first place that what goes on in your mind or what comes out of your mouth can harm anyone? Can we say megalomania? If such a thing ever did happen, I would have to call it coincidence.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. “Coronavirus is mysteriously sparing kids and killing the elderly. Understanding why may help defeat the virus.”

    In light of the Covid-19 virus preference for older victims, and as a card-carrying Boomer myself, I believe that I have the proper standing to dub this virus the “Boomer Bug™️®️”. 

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  6. In a normal world, I would agree wholeheartedly with everything you said. However, on my FaceBook page, which for the past 3-years has been dedicated solely to punishing Trump for the crime of being Trump, I have, on numerous occasions, stated the following:

    If Trump were drowning in the Charles, and I were driving across the Mass Ave Bridge in a rope -truck, I’d throw him a cinder block.

    See, unlike everybody else, I didn’t wait until 2017 to start hating Trump. I’ve hated him since 1975.

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