Drinks For Democrats


I’m tired of hearing how Donald Trump is the winner from the Democratic caucus and primary (technically, there’s only been one of each so far). Maybe I’m tired of it because I’m hearing it from the left and the right and there’s some truth to it. Ugh, right?

Of course, there’s going to be a fight for the nomination. They always start off sweet and pretty to each other before they turn vicious. Last time around, there were only two viable candidates for the Democratic nomination, and the party still hasn’t gotten over that war. People are still fighting it. For a comparison, look at the GOP which had 16 candidates. It got so hostile that one candidate made fun of another’s penis size. Today, they’re all in line behind Mr. small orange penis except for Jeb Bush, who I think has more of an issue with Donald Trump than his small, teeny tiny orange penis.

But then again, Democrats are more independent-minded than Republicans. Democrats have stronger convictions while Republicans would bet their mother’s Social Security check at the dog track. Republicans will fall in line easier, even if the nominee is a Russian-backed, pussy-grabbing, racist idiot who bullies children.

I think the Democrats shouldn’t be afraid of fighting each other right now. They just need to get over it once they have a nominee. That’s something they didn’t do in 2016. If Bernie Sanders doesn’t get the nomination, then his supporters, the Bernie Bros., need to get behind the nominee this time. Though, that may be hard if the party keeps working to prevent Bernie from getting the nomination.

Bernie got more votes in Iowa but left with fewer delegates than Pete Buttigieg. Bernie won New Hampshire but won just as many delegates as, once again, Buttigieg. Every pundit on TV is telling us that Bernie is the front runner, but a weak front runner. OK, but if Bernie is a weak front runner then what does that make all the other candidates?

I agree Bernie is a weak front runner in a large field where nobody has more than 30% support. And the primary is now going to South Carolina where Bernie doesn’t have much support, but he could rebound in the next primary, which is Nevada.

Because they have the money, Bernie and Pete will be in this fight until someone has 1,991 delegates. So far, only 65 have been allotted. The fight within the party is between the moderate wing and the socialists, Bernie and Elizabeth Warren.

Bernie and Pete are both struggling with black support. Joe Biden has struggled through the first two contests but is now betting it all on South Carolina, where has strong support among African-Americans, though that has dropped. If Biden doesn’t win South Carolina, it’s over for him. But a win may give him momentum into Super Tuesday. He can still win the nomination.

Warren is actually third in the delegate count, but she came in fourth place in New Hampshire, where she should have come in at least second. If Warren can’t sell herself to her neighbors, who know her better than the rest of the nation, then how is she going to win the nomination? Spoiler alert: She doesn’t. As she’s running out of money, the next two contests may be her last.

Amy Klobuchar had a strong third-place finish in New Hampshire, coming in ahead of Warren and Biden. She’s a friendly moderate that even Republicans kinda like. And, she promises that she has strong support among the six African-Americans who live in her state of Minnesota. The strong finishes will bring in more money and keep Klobuchar in the race, even though I doubt she can win the nomination.

Michael Bloomberg is rising in the polls but nobody’s cast a vote for him yet other than write-ins. With his money, he can totally win the nomination.

Andrew Yang dropped out. Tom Steyer, Tulsi Gabbard, Marianne Williamson, Deval Patrick, and Michael Bennett don’t stand a chance. Did you forget some of those people were candidates?

Meanwhile, Donald Trump doesn’t have any real primaries this time. He doesn’t have to debate. The only reason he’s even holding rallies right now is that they get him off. Hell, several states have even canceled their primaries, and in states that have done that like Virginia, Republicans can vote in the Democratic primary just to help mess things up even further.

But whoever wins the nomination would make a better president than Donald Trump. Yeah, even Michael Bloomberg. Hell, even Marianne Williamson and Tulsi Gabbard would make better presidents than Trump. But a rock that had been hit in the head by other rocks would make a better president than Donald Trump. That weird-looking poodle that won the Westminster Dog Show yesterday would make a better president than Donald Trump. Polls show that any Democrat will beat Trump nationally, but it’s on the state level where they will have problems.

I can only make one guarantee about the election and that is whoever wins the Democratic nomination is going to be someone you’re not going to be totally enthusiastic about. Democrats’ best hope may be that the greatest motivating factor for people to come out and vote Democratic is the prospect of four more years of Donald Trump.

Democrats and independents outnumber Republicans. They need to vote in the general election, and for whoever the nominee is, like the life of our nation depends on it, because it does.

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  1. > If Bernie Sanders doesn’t get the nomination, then his supporters, the Bernie Bros., need to get behind the nominee this time.<

    We did last time too. Don't believe the BS. Hillary didn't lose to Trump because of Bernie supporters. She lost to Trump because she ran a really poor campaign, and because working people didn't see her supporting trade unions and efforts to reduce inequality. They saw yet another warmonger with the classic neoliberal agenda of subsidies for the wealthy and austerity for the poor. We need Trump out. But we also need a Democratic party that fights for working people, rather than cow-towing to the corporate elite. We need a Democratic Party that will embrace FDR's legacy, rather than Ronald Reagan's legacy. (see https://thehumanist.com/magazine/january-february-2020/features/populists-and-progressives for more!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that is why the younger voters really dig Bernie and his progressive agenda–they’re going through college and seeing first hand how the system isn’t working for them, the future ‘middle class’. They want progressive programs the likes of which FDR once supported like Medicare for All and subsidized tuition for public college. As one political pundit wrote, the Democrat party didn’t move more left, their voters did.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. First, Ms. Clinton got almost 3 million more votes than Sanders because she was infinitely more qualified! And we liked her more because she wasn’t an angry old white man who believed he should be the nominee cause he was a white man.
    Now: Sanders lives in a state with 1.4% African Americans whereas Ms. Klobuchar lives in a state with 18.6% African Americans. Hmmmm!
    Sanders is far-left and Klobuchar is moderate.

    But…..if he is the Democratic nominee I will vote for him.

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    1. “ But…..if he is the Democratic nominee I will vote for him.”

      You have the right attitude.

      Personally, I proudly am a Yellow Dog Democrat… I will vote for a Yellow Dog if it is the Democratic Nominee.


  3. “Democrats’ best hope may be that the greatest motivating factor for people to come out and vote Democratic is the prospect of four more years of Donald Trump.”

    Hey… fear worked as a great motivating factor when Trump used it. I don’t see why it won’t work in the opposite direction.

    Dems know what’s up. Everyone thought Trump was a joke – right up until the Electoral votes finished coming in. As many have said, this is a confirmation election; we will, as a country, confirm our ideals with our votes.

    Also… I know some Bernie or Bust Bros. They’re very real. However, I also believe that 90% of commenters online – on either side of the political divide – are trolls. They want us snipping at each other… & it rarely happens in real life (at least, not when the cameras are turned off). 🙄


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