Leaping For Dershowitz


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How can you say you’re a liberal Democrat after looking at the Constitution and believing it allows an American president to be an authoritarian? That is the argument constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz is implementing to defend Donald Trump against impeachment.

You can argue that Dershowitz is a great lawyer, but you’d expect that in delivering an argument on something so momentous, like against impeaching a president, that he’d prepare something that wouldn’t need explaining later on cable news shows.

Honestly, Dershowitz. Am I to take you seriously or should I just take you as a camera whore? I mean, you can’t argue for your legitimacy because a president hired you, because this president is Donald Trump. One of the other lawyers arguing against impeaching Donald Trump was caught in a bribery scheme with him years ago, another has been fingered as being one of the participants in the case he’s defending, and the other is Ken Starr. And then there’s you. Alan Dershowitz. Defender of O.J, Epstein, Weinstein, and publicly stated would defend Adolph Hitler. If there was a camera involved, I’m sure you would have. Oh, sure…six million Jews murdered in the gas chambers, but is the camera catching my good side?

You, Mr. Dershowitz, are a Harvard professor of Constitutional law. But what you should be lecturing on, is how to be a whore. My apologies to whores everywhere for the analogy. Whores have more scruples.

Dershowitz argued against Bill Clinton’s impeachment saying a president has to commit a crime to be impeached. Now, for Trump, he argues a crime has to be committed and even if it is, the president should be able to get away with it if he believes it’s in the national interest.

Dershowitz isn’t arguing for what he believes is right. He’s arguing for cameras. What will he believe in a decade from now when another president is facing impeaching? Let’s just hope that president isn’t once again, Donald Trump. But if it is, he’s going to need some skeezy lawyers.

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  1. Also Hitler et al murdered 11-12 million people in all. But only the Jews are mentioned because some of them use that so the other people are forgotten. The homosexuals, socialists, mentally ill, physically damaged etc were also removed from their body politic. Don’t forget the others.


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