Roughing It, Volume 28

This is last Sunday’s cartoon for the CNN Opinion newsletter. It went from this…


…to this.


Here are a few ideas I created as I stumbled on my way to meet another deadline. Welcome to another edition of Clay’s Butcher Shop. It’s gonna get disgusting.


Sometimes when I look back on an idea like this, I think to myself, “It’s surprising I ever get to a decent enough idea.”


As you can see, there’s a theme here.


I figured since we’re blaming Meghan for everything anyway.


He said this.


I’m skeptical of all of them. By the way, are we still talking about Iran?


After a week, I come back to this and I’m all, “I don’t remember drawing this.”


I was working on including a Cats! joke for two weeks before I finally got it in a cartoon.


If you don’t get the point of this cartoon, how long have you been a Republican?


Back to that theme. But with Republicans and Trump supporters, that theme is always hypocrisy.


I liked this one.


Again with the Cats!


I started this one night then canned it for…


…THIS! I don’t remember what. Maybe something on Cats!

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