In Love With Terrorists


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Do you recall the buildup to the invasion of Iraq? The nation was unified after 9/11 and there was little opposition to going to war in Afghanistan, where we are still at war. After that, the Bush/Cheney administration wanted to invade Iraq and tried to blame that nation for 9/11 on top of a lot of other lies, like weapons of mass destruction and a nuclear program. As we found out later, none of that was true. But during the buildup, if you even asked a question about the validity of invading a nation that never attacked us, there was a good chance you’d be castigated for “enabling” or supporting the enemy. Americans who were skeptical, such as myself, were accused of not supporting the troops. George W. Bush himself said, “You’re either with us or against us.”

They used that sort of pressure to build a brand new government agency and a massive privacy-invasive law.

Today, if you ask for a justification for why Donald Trump ordered the assassination of Iran’s top general, you may be accused of “being in love with the enemy,” which is what Republican Doug Collins said on Fox News.

Or, if you ask anyone in the administration if Donald Trump is telling the truth that four embassies were being targeted by that general, Republican Nikki Haley might say you’re “mourning Soleimani.”

Or, if you point out the administration has yet to provide any information on what they claim was an “imminent attack,” Republican Lindsey Graham will accuse you of “enabling the enemy.”

We have the right to ask questions and demand accountability from our government. As Dave Mustaine once famously asked, “It’s still ‘We the people,’ right?”

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  1. Bush and Cheney are old news, history, water under bridge but the wars they started are still killing American kids. When Afghanistan/Iraq started some of the soldiers now serving over there were not even born. If the trend continues the grandchildren of troops now in Afghanistan will eventually replace them guarding some precious oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea to Pakistan. Now that is legacy…corporate legacy.

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