Reasonable Radicals


I am not defending Iran. They have instigated a lot of what’s happening right now. They are radical and religious fundamentalists. They will probably strike again but through their proxies. And we will probably strike back through our proxies (Yes. We have them too).

But you have irrational Iran, with whom it took months if not years to negotiate the nuclear treaty, and then you have Donald Trump. The man who tore up that agreement because it was negotiated by the Obama administration. Keep in mind, Iran was in compliance with this agreement which Trump said wasn’t good enough…and who then signed a piece of paper with North Korea that didn’t say anything, and then proclaimed it a great success.

Donald Trump is an idiot. He was given the option of taking out Iran’s top general to guide him to select a more rational and viable option. Of course, the U.S. military forgot for just a minute whom they were dealing with.

Now, Trump actually has an opportunity for a win. Iran hit back, just like they promised. They get to save face because they hit us in Iraq and at the bases where the U.S. attack on their general occurred. And, nobody was hurt. Iran actually informed Iraq, who shares those bases with us, of the impending attack two hours beforehand. Iraq then informed us. It’s like that time Donald Trump bombed runways in Syria and let Russia know first, who then told Syria. Iran wanted to hit us without it actually being the “harsh revenge” they were promising. They purposely aimed to avoid casualties.

Iran has a supposed victory and so does Trump if he takes it. Nobody was hurt. Trump can claim it’s not worth a retaliation. But, he can screw that up too by taking too much of a victory lap.

The most fun thing out of this will be how the Trump fucknuts react. If Trump doesn’t do anything, they will defend that as he won and a response wasn’t necessary. If he strikes back at Iraq, they’ll scream he’s defending America and didn’t have a choice. Why, only a weak president wouldn’t strike back. In about an hour after this blog is posted, we’ll find out which way they have to go.

The only problem here is if Trump does declare it a victory and the crisis is over, we’ll forget about it tomorrow and the focus will go back to his impeachment. Ya’ know, that Kim Jong Un sure has been getting mouthy lately.

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  1. Who can trust either leader to give their citizens the truth? Is two hours enough time to evacuate all the targeted areas? Was The Guardian lying when their first news release said 20 dead, at least?
    No one can be trusted these days, especially American and world media.

    Or, are Trump and Khameni working together to run a virtual war for their own interests? I’m not a conspiracy theorist kind of person, but, hey, anything is possible these days…

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  2. Wait… let me get this straight, we were told that a zillion missiles were fired and miraculously NOBODY ended up with even a bandaid-worthy booboo? Exactly how stupid do these clowns think we are, anyway? I mean, are we supposed to believe the missiles were accidentally aimed at a tool-shed several miles away and the only damage incurred was to an old wheelbarrow and a spare shovel? I am SO sick of Republicans bullshitting us and I’m none to amused with Democrats either, but Trump is flat out insane and staggeringly dangerous and this “amazingly nobody got hurt” story was just plain ridiculous. It insults our intelligence.

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  3. I think Iran purposely tried not to cause casualties in an effort to call out Trump on his threat to bomb cultural sites. If Trump responds and kills people, Iran can declare the high ground with their own propaganda. If Trump does nothing and moves on, Iran can declare Trump is weak with their own propaganda. Iran gets to spin this in their favor in either case so that they can continue to control their own people.

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