Yes. is real. It’s a site created by the Trump 2020 presidential campaign that will teach you, if you’re a Trump supporter, how to argue with people smarter than you. You know. Liberals. People who use facts, logic, and reason. The Trump campaign finds it in their best interest if you scream at people over the holidays as they actually promote the site by encouraging you to argue with that “liberal snowflake relative.”

This is not being a uniter. It’s about division. The campaign is giving courses on how to scream stupid shit. Does anyone really need a course on this? I thought all you had to do was adopt Trump’s incoherent bullshit from his racist MAGA hate rallies.

But, whatever you do, don’t confuse it with Recently, Rudy Giuliani gave an interview to a reporter from New York Magazine where he railed about George Soros over bloody marys. He later called the reporter to scream at her for the article, even admitting he hadn’t read all of it yet.

During the interview, Rudy continued to spread false conspiracy theories about Ukraine, defended the corrupt prosecutor, walked into a wall, lost a cell phone, forgot to zip his fly, drooled, and claimed he was more Jewish than George Soros.

By the way, I went to and McAfee advised against it saying it’s “risky.” I don’t doubt it.

Merry Christmas.

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  1. ”By the way, I went to snowflakevictoryDOTcom and McAfee advised against it saying it’s “risky.” I don’t doubt it.“

    Clay, you should know that the correct way to access snowflakevictoryDOTcom is with a Huawei™️ Phone with Kaspersky™️ Security installed.

    WordPress appears to choke on URL’s in comments now.


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