Peachy Banana Christ


Donald Trump has been impeached. There’s no turning back. There’s no positive to get out of it. It’s a stain that will last forever. In the first paragraph of everything ever written about Donald Trump in the future, impeachment will be mentioned.

While arguing against the impeachment, one Republican actually compared it to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. That’s appropriate. No, not because Donald Trump is comparable to Jesus or would actually die for anyone else, but because Republicans have made the guy their messiah. Personally, I believe more respect should be given to the duct-tape banana.

Republicans pointed out that Democrats have been trying to impeach Trump since he was inaugurated or even right after he was elected. No. Democrats have been predicting his impeachment because he’s a liar, a conman, a grifter with no respect or knowledge of the presidency, separation of powers, or the United States Constitution. If you’re surprised Donald Trump was impeached, I will sell you Greenland at a very low price. The only surprise here is there wasn’t anything included about bribery or emoluments.

Yes, Donald Trump pressured Ukraine to help his campaign. If the Senate won’t remove him, he’ll do it again with Ukraine or another nation. Don’t be surprised if it comes out that he’s already done it.

Asking another nation to help your campaign is illegal. Yes, that’s what he wanted. He asked Ukraine to investigate an opponent. He had U.S. diplomats, including an ambassador, not so much asking for an investigation, but pressuring Ukraine to announce an investigation.

Republicans argue that Ukraine stated there was no pressure and that they eventually got the foreign aid Trump withheld, which he did withhold. But this is a nation that’s been invaded by Russia, is at war with Russia, and is relying on military aid from the United States. How is that not pressure? The fact the president of Ukraine canceled announcing an investigation after his nation received the money is proof there was a quid pro quo. If there wasn’t, wouldn’t he have continued to make the announcement?

Republicans argued about the partisanship as not a single one of them voted to impeach. Irony and hypocrisy fly right over their heads without any of them catching it. It’s funny how they argue impeachment is an assault on democracy while defending a man who was put in office by Russia assaulting our democracy. They also argued that the Democrats were acting like communists while comparing them to Joseph McCarthy.  There were also comparisons to Pearl Harbor and drive-by shootings. The defense was all over the place.

The one thing they failed to defend was Donald Trump and his actions.

Donald Trump has been impeached. That’s not something to celebrate. Of course, he was impeached. He was impeached because he’s Donald Trump, a criminal, and he’s president.

Impeachment is a stain on Donald Trump. Congress did its job. The Senate will refuse to do theirs. In November 2020, voters need to do theirs and remove this stain on our nation.

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  1. Stain? The bloodstains of how many immigrant children? The bloodstain of Jamal Koshoggi. The bloodstain of victims of California wildfires. The bloodstains of people dying in hurricanes and tornadoes! The bloodstains of soldiers of many different countries, as well as how many civilian casualties? And the shitstain of how he treated Greta Thunberg! As well as how he treats American citizens who are not white and rich.
    And how many more are still to come before he and the GOP get kicked out of offuce for good? I’m not saying the Dems are without fault, but nowhere near Trump’s Ugly Garbagecans.

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  2. What tickles me is he can NEVER, EVER be cleared of this. He can’t be pardoned, he will carry this for the rest of his miserable orange life. It will be the albatross around his fat, vag neck.
    Nothing will ever fade this stain.


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  3. “ Republicans pointed out that Democrats have been trying to impeach Trump since he was inaugurated or even right after he was elected.”

    Actually, 45* has done everything in his power to get himself Impeached since he was elected (instead of losing like he expected) because Putin’s Plan is to spark his “Second Amendment People” to Rise Up and re-ignite The Civil War (the South never really gave up, they have just been running a Holding Action) so that Vlad can send in the Russian equivalent of Navy Seals to “Aid” the beleaguered True Believers of 45*.

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  4. This one with trump crucified is the funniest one for me here in a long time.
    I wonder if any of the other editorial cartoonists will try to use the same idea.
    If they haven’t already.

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