Thankful For War Crimes


Donald Trump visited American troops in Iraq right before Christmas last year, and he made a mess of it.

It was his first visit to a war zone as commander-in-chief. He turned it into a political rally by complaining about Democrats’ refusal to fund his racist border wall with Mexico, as if that’s what our troops in Iraq are fighting for. He lied to our troops about their pay raises. And because he’s the worst president in American history, he may have revealed the location of a special operations unit and the identity of several of its members.

Trump sycophants praised Trump as being heroic for visiting Iraq even though it took him nearly two years into his presidency to do so. For President Obama, it only took three months (and he had already been as a U.S. Senator).

Now, Donald Trump has visited Afghanistan (which Obama had visited twice in his second year). His first order of business was to attack Newsweek for reporting that he’d spend his Thanksgiving eating turkey, playing golf, and tweeting. He pointed out how wrong and “fake” they were by…tweeting. Of course, Newsweek probably reported on the itinerary the White House provided. Yeah, jokes on Newsweek for trusting anything White House Spokesgoon Menalie Grisham provides. Of course, now he’s back at Mar-a-Lago eating turkey, playing golf, and tweeting.

During his trip to Afghanistan, Trump claimed he has reopened peace talks with the Taliban, which were previously canceled over his trying to state a photo-op out of them at Camp David. This could be another lie like every time he says we’re close to a deal with China. The Taliban undermined his claim of restarting peace talks. How bad is it that we actually trust the Taliban at their word over the president of the United States?

The thing that gets me about the Trump cult with things like this is they don’t catch the smoke and mirrors. They watch one hand while ignoring what the other is doing. They listen to Trump’s words and then they don’t listen to his words.

Trump is not a great supporter of the military. Saying you are doesn’t make it so. During his visit, he didn’t mention his disagreement with the commanders of the military over discipline where the secretary of the Navy resigned or was fired, depending on whom you ask.

Donald Trump reversed the Navy’s demotion of Navy Seal Edward Gallagher, who was acquitted of murdering an enemy combatant but convicted for posing in a photo with the corpse. Trump pardoned Army Lieutenant Clint Lorance, who had been sentenced to 19 years in prison in 2013 for murder after ordering his soldiers in 2010 to fire on three unarmed Afghan men riding a motorcycle, killing two of them. He also pardoned former Green Beret Matthew Golsteyn who was to stand trial for killing an unarmed Afghan man he suspected of being a bombmaker. Another pardon was for Army Lieutenant Michael Behenna who killed an unarmed, naked Iraqi man during an unauthorized interrogation.

These moves are popular with the Fox News and hater crowd. Conservatives have gone from supporting the military, patriotism, and law and order, to helping spread Russian conspiracy theories, attacking law enforcement, making cult heroes out of murderers, and destabilizing and killing morale in the military.

How would you feel if an American soldier was murdered after being taken prisoner, and his captors said it was retribution for Trump’s approval of the way we treat prisoners. The United States has murdered prisoners of war with our president pardoning those murders.

The Geneva Convention is extremely important. It’s not just important that our military respect it, but also our president.

It’s important that we have a president who himself is not a war crime.

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