Sword Dance


So let’s get this straight. Russia attacks us by meddling in our election and the American president (sic) refuses to even acknowledge it. Iran (supposedly) attacks Saudi Arabia and Donald Trump is threatening war, depending on what minute it is.

Trump pulled the U.S. out of the nuclear agreement with Iran despite their remaining in compliance with it, increased sanctions on that nation, and is surprised that the region has become more hostile. Iran has shot down a U.S. drone and over the weekend, drones hit two Saudi oil facilities. Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen (who Saudi Arabia has been fighting) have claimed responsibility for the attack, but Saudi and American intelligence say the drones came from either Iran or Iraq, and everyone is eager to blame Iran.

Trump’s messaging is confusing. After the U.S. drone was shot down, Trump said we were “cocked and loaded,” and then he didn’t do anything. After the attack on the oil facilities, he said we’re “locked and loaded,” removing the cock, which apparently, doesn’t scare anyone.

As a stupid candidate, one of the messages Trump ran on was staying out of foreign wars pledging “America first.” As a stupid president, he’s sending conflicting messages to the international community. He’s talked about sitting down with the leader of Iran with “no conditions,” then says it’s “fake news” that he’s willing to sit down with no conditions. For what it’s worth, Iran has no interest in meeting with Trump.

Trump has flirted with the idea of offering Iran $15 billion to help them deal with U.S. sanctions. Why would we give them billions while we’re sanctioning them? An hour after he said “we don’t want war with anybody,” he started floating the idea of a U.S. military strikes on an Iranian oil facility. So what is it? We’re going to bomb them while giving them billions while leveling sanctions and offering to meet with no conditions as long as everyone thinks there are conditions? It’s shit like this that makes John Bolton seem like a reasonable person.

Why should we attack Iran? Iran didn’t attack us. They attacked Saudi Arabia. What’s our stake other than oil production being taken offline and driving up prices? The stake is Trump’s ego. When other nations flatter Trump and throw him parades, it’s not out of respect. It’s manipulation because Trump is easily played.

Trump’s first trip as president was to Riyadh where the Saudis displayed his face on titan trons for the nation to see. They gave him a sword dance. They promised to buy $350 billion of U.S. weaponry (which was actually less than $30 billion, and most of those sales had already occurred during the Obama years). In exchange, Trump turned a blind eye to a palace coup by Jared’s new BFF, Mohammed bin Salman and the murder of a Washington Post journalist by the kingdom. Trump even took the Saudi’s side when they initiated a blockade of Qatar, an American ally where U.S. troops are stationed. On top of all that, MBS has escalated the war against the Houthis and created a humanitarian crisis with 10 million Yemenis on the verge of famine, all without dislodging the Houthis. But Trump got a sword dance.

Saudi Arabia and Israel want war with Iran, but for us to fight it. We did this dance twice before. In 1990, we initiated Operation Desert Storm after Iraq invaded Kuwait and threatened Saudi Arabia. Operation Desert Storm wasn’t about American ideals. We weren’t defending our country, or values, or our flag. We were defending two kingdoms that repress at least half their populations, and we were fighting for lower oil prices. In 2003, we invaded Iraq just because it felt good and we lost over 4,000 American lives and according to the Lancet Survey, over 654,000 civilian deaths.

Now, Trump says we’re “locked and loaded” and that “we are waiting to hear from the kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of the attack, and under what terms we would proceed!” We’re waiting on the Saudis for what terms we should proceed? What are we, mercenaries? Why are we taking orders from Saudi Arabia, because they rent hotel rooms from Trump? Are our young men and women in the military going to die because Trump got a sword dance, investments from the Saudis, and Jared’s BFFs with MBS? If we go to war with Iran, the Trump family doesn’t have any skin involved as none of them has ever served in the military. But, I’m sure they make great cheerleaders like most Republicans do when it comes to fighting.

Is Iran responsible for the attacks? Probably. Should they be punished? Yes, but not by us. Iran didn’t attack us. They attacked Saudi Arabia who spends billions of dollars on American weaponry. Let them use it if they want a fight with Iran.

Trump can’t give us, our allies, or even our enemies a straight, consistent message. Donald Trump hasn’t just made the world dumber, but also more dangerous. Now, we’re supposed to go to war because Donald Trump claims Iran is responsible for attacking not us when we can’t even trust him about the weather.

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  1. War is the core business of America. TЯ卐m₽ is a businessman. TЯ卐m₽ is putting American business first. Military personnel are expendable tools in America’s core business. Our military should join the UAW and join the auto workers on the picket lines of Michigan. Demand only wars that threaten our security or those of our allies (Saudi Arabia is a customer, not an ally) Sucking Saudi dick, er, selling billions in American tools of war is great for America’s core business. Selling killer drones and dropping bombs is lotsa fun unless you’re on the wrong end of the equation, which no TЯ卐m₽ has ever been nor will ever be. This isn’t about America first, it’s all about TЯ卐m₽ first……..and hopefully last!

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  2. “In 2003, we invaded Iraq just because it felt good and we lost over 4,000 American lives and according to the Lancelot Survey, over 654,000 civilian deaths.”

    We invaded Iraq because W wanted to punish Saddam Hussein for trying to kill his Daddy a few years before. I believe that incident is the reason that W decided to run for President in the first place.

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    1. “We invaded Iraq because W wanted to punish Saddam Hussein for trying to kill his Daddy a few years before. I believe that incident is the reason that W decided to run for President in the first place.”

      I’ve always thought that W wanted to prove to his dad and brother (the favored one, I’d read) that HE could finish a war, even if his dad couldn’t.

      Oh, the things that are done in the name of EGO.

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    2. Multiple reasons. Hussein had been playing America and Russia against each other for decades. The last straw was his cancelling of American oil contracts, including building a pipeline to Europe, giving them to Europe and saying he would only take Euros in payment for his oil.

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  3. It’s conway and miller helping trump make things up as they go along.
    How else to explain the stupidity?
    Doesn’t anyone remember that photo of conway on the sofa in the oval office and not bothering to get up although trump had visiting dignitaries?

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  4. I do not believe Iran is directly involved in the drone strike, though their weapons may have been used. US weapons were used in the Saudi bombing of Houthi prisoners in Yemen on Sept 2 of this year. If Iran is complicit, so is the USA. Why is no one accepting the Houthi claim of responsibility? It is the most obvious and best explanation of such a terrorist act, but since Yemen and Saudi Arabia are at war, can it even be called a terrorist act? I don’t believe in war for any reason, but Yemen has cause to attack the Saudis–95000 dead civilians since the start of the war. It is a ravaged country, in crisis on many fronts, but no one cares. It is just a bunch of brown-skinned arabs, who needs them. Well, who needs white Americans? Same difference, you ask me!

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