Trump Commands You


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If you’re a Republican Trump supporter, you have to throw away everything you ever believed in to support your president. Remember when you were against huge debt and spending? Now you’re not. Remember when you thought tariffs were taxes? Remember when you were for national security and supported law enforcement? You probably don’t. Remember when you used to claim you were a patriot and put the United States before Russia? Now, you vote for the Putin-endorsed candidate. The Republican Party resembles a cult more than a party now.

The same is true if you’re an evangelical. Do you remember when you guys claimed you were for “family values?” You claimed you would only support people with high morals. Donald Trump can’t even spell “morals.” Today, you have hitched your wagon to a twice-divorced, greedy billionaire who likes to boast that he “grabs them by the pussy.” You’re chanting at hate rallies while the speaker is using “God damn.” It matters little he’s lied to you over 12,000 times. You guys had to pretend that President Obama was a Muslim but with Trump, you have a guy who doesn’t go to church and can’t recite one Bible verse. Imagine how you would have treated Obama if he had five kids with three different women. He never would have been president. For you, your religion embraces racism.

Donald Trump is a fraud. As it turns out, you’re also a fraud. You never really had ethics or principles. Do you believe in anything anymore other than your hate? What will you believe in next week?

If you support Trump, you only support Trump. It’s not about any specific policies. Trump has given you his commandments and you’re to obey every single one. He is your chosen one.

If Trump is your choice, then you never really had high expectations for yourself to begin with.

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  1. Trump and his brood are on the endangered species list. There will come a day when people will ask, Who was that fat-assed moron with the long red tie and a hairdo like a dead wombat on his head? And people will shrug and reply I don’t know and I don’t care! Did you check the garbage dumpster?

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