Where’s Daddy?


In the wake of mass shootings in Gilroy, California and El Paso, Texas targetting Hispanics, and on the first day of school, ICE decided it was a great time to conduct a raid on undocumented workers.

ICE raided several processing plants in Mississippi detaining hundreds of suspected undocumented immigrants. Though ICE claims they contacted at least 12 schools, the school districts claim they were never contacted. Thus, many children of those suspected undocumented immigrants were going to empty homes.

America saw a crying child on television asking for her father’s release. Donald Trump saw it and loved it. He’s telling ICE to conduct more raids like the ones in Mississippi. The man who throws babies in jail wants to see more crying babies on TV. He believes that, along with being labeled a white supremacist, works well with his base.

While hundreds of employees of these plants were arrested and expected to be deported, many away from their children, the owners of the plants will probably go uncharged.

The law says an employer has to “knowingly” hire undocumented workers. So, the employer can look at a phony document, no matter how lousy the quality of the counterfeit, and claim stupidity. It’s how Donald Trump has been able to employ undocumented workers for decades. Donald Trump has a lot of experience at being stupid.

In fact, these companies that hire undocumented workers probably won’t even be investigated. The Trump Organization has been exposed for hiring undocumented workers yet there’s no indication they’ve ever been investigated or ever will be.

It seems pretty simple to me. If people like Donald Trump want to stop encouraging immigrants from “invading” our nation illegally, then people like Donald Trump should stop giving them jobs.

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  1. Okay, well then let’s take out the regulations on hiring folks. Let people negotiate without the US government involved. Let’s destroy this racist/socialist red tape behemoth and get back to capitalism. I wouldn’t even want a wall if we destroyed the welfare state and got back to capitalism with a teeny tiny government.


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