Yippee-Ki-Yay Haiti


Images and videos have been posted online showing Border Patrol agents on horseback corralling Haitian immigrants as if they were cattle. Some of the agents were waiving reigns at the immigrants which have brought accusations that the agents were whipping the immigrants.

We are having a crisis at the border as thousands of Haitians are trying to enter the United States from Mexico after traveling thousands of miles through South America. Neither Mexico or the United States is offering asylum to these immigrants. President Joe Biden, who promised a more humane treatment of refugees, has continued some of the Trump-era policies on immigration. He’s deported about a thousand immigrants to Haiti and is now planning at least seven flights a day of more deportations. Haiti is expecting at least 14,000 deported refugees to arrive in their nation. Refugees don’t seek asylum in Haiti. Refugees seek asylum FROM Haiti. If these refugees were Cuban, all they’d have to do is enter the United States and claim asylum. But since they’re NOT from Cuba, and instead, from Haiti, they get deported.

These images of Border Patrol agents playing cowboy and treating black immigrants harshly, shouting curses at them while they’re being corralled, looks like another continuation of Donald Trump and Stephen Miller’s border policies.

President Biden has replaced Trump’s director of Border Patrol, but he needs to do much more to reform this agency. Why? Because Border Patrol has a long history of being corrupt and racist. They were corrupt and racist before Trump became president.

For example, the guy Biden removed last June supported Trump’s racist border wall. This guy was the head of Border Patrol and that agency knows the wall is just a racist prop. The Border Patrol’s union supports the racist wall. Previously, the union didn’t support the wall because they knew it didn’t work…but when Trump attached racism to it, they jumped on the racist Trump train.

During the Trump era, Border Patrol agents were filmed destroying jugs of water left by human rights activists for immigrants. You see, the desert is hot and the people coming here have walked through it for hundreds of miles. Even if they entered this nation illegally, they still don’t deserve to die of thirst…or die at all. Destroying water left for immigrants is a dick move. Anyone doing this should be charged for attempted murder.

The Border Patrol has a 100-mile limit jurisdiction into the U.S. from the border yet they often stop vehicles outside of their jurisdiction. They’re real fond of pulling over Greyhound buses outside that 100-mile zone from the border and without warrants. A Greyhound bus is private property. By the way, two thirds of the U.S. population lives within 100 miles from the United States border. Border Patrol has enough people to fuck with inside their jurisdiction.

Border Patrol agents have been busted denying food, water, medicine, and basic decent treatment to immigrants in their custody. Immigrants have died in their custody, even children.

Border Patrol agents have been accused of verbal, physical and psychological abuse. We know they have separated families intentionally and as a policy. The family separation was an intentional Trump policy. Children in cages was a Border Patrol practice.

You know the United States demands human rights of other nations. We criticize places like Cuba, North Korea, China, Iran, etc, over their human rights records and demand improvement. Meanwhile, Amnesty International screams at us over our treatment of immigrants. Also, we get screamed at by other nations for the death penalty. Civilized nations don’t execute people like it’s the stone age. Also, there’s Texas and Florida.

Then there’s the corruption. In 2017, Border Patrol gave Accenture Federal Services a $297 million contract to hire 7,500 people over five years. A year later, after being paid  $13.6 million of the contract, the private company had only hired two people. In case you’re a Republican, two is less than 7,500. This contract was awarded to fulfill Trump’s demands that Border Patrol hire 5,000 more agents and 10,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. Fun fact: Two out of three applicants to become Border Patrol agents flunk their polygraph tests. Apparently, only corrupt racist fucks want to be Border Patrol agents.

Some Border Patrol agents, whose responsibility includes combating the immigrant mule trade, are themselves mules. One agent, who was actually an undocumented immigrant, used a fake birth certificate to get the job, then used the job to smuggle over 100 immigrants into the United States. He even used a Border Patrol truck for his smuggling. So apparently, some of these guys are getting through the agency’s polygraph test or it didn’t ask, “Are you yourself an undocumented immigrant looking to use this job to smuggle in more undocumented immigrants in a Border Patrol truck?” Maybe add that to the test or just stop allowing “squirrel” to be an acceptable answer to any question.

Another agent was caught on a wiretap bragging he smuggled 30 to 50 immigrants at a time. Other Border Patrol agents were caught harboring undocumented immigrants. Some Border Patrol agents were harboring immigrants to have sex with them. Add that to the polygraph. “Do you intend to rape immigrants?” Border Patrol would be looking for “no,” right?

What we need to do is corral every Border Patrol agent, find the racists, deviants, and corrupt members and brand all of them. And everyone who fails the Border Patrol polygraph can probably get jobs at Mar-a-Lago.

President Biden promised we were going to be better than Trump. So…when do we start doing that?

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Where’s Daddy?


In the wake of mass shootings in Gilroy, California and El Paso, Texas targetting Hispanics, and on the first day of school, ICE decided it was a great time to conduct a raid on undocumented workers.

ICE raided several processing plants in Mississippi detaining hundreds of suspected undocumented immigrants. Though ICE claims they contacted at least 12 schools, the school districts claim they were never contacted. Thus, many children of those suspected undocumented immigrants were going to empty homes.

America saw a crying child on television asking for her father’s release. Donald Trump saw it and loved it. He’s telling ICE to conduct more raids like the ones in Mississippi. The man who throws babies in jail wants to see more crying babies on TV. He believes that, along with being labeled a white supremacist, works well with his base.

While hundreds of employees of these plants were arrested and expected to be deported, many away from their children, the owners of the plants will probably go uncharged.

The law says an employer has to “knowingly” hire undocumented workers. So, the employer can look at a phony document, no matter how lousy the quality of the counterfeit, and claim stupidity. It’s how Donald Trump has been able to employ undocumented workers for decades. Donald Trump has a lot of experience at being stupid.

In fact, these companies that hire undocumented workers probably won’t even be investigated. The Trump Organization has been exposed for hiring undocumented workers yet there’s no indication they’ve ever been investigated or ever will be.

It seems pretty simple to me. If people like Donald Trump want to stop encouraging immigrants from “invading” our nation illegally, then people like Donald Trump should stop giving them jobs.

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