Roughing It, Volume 7

Each of these roughs was created for CNN Opinion to choose from for last week’s newsletter. I started creating these before we started talking, which was when I discovered they weren’t interested in any of the subjects I covered. That’s my fault for sketching before I talked to them. I started working to get a cartoon for CNN on Thursday morning and we finally selected one Friday around 7:00 PM. It was probably our hardest week. I’m not going to post any of the roughs in this post from the subject we ultimately chose, which was the Democratic Debates. There were so many roughs that I wanted to break them up into two separate blog posts.


I started on the Mueller testimony. My editors thought the subject would be old by Sunday (this was last Thursday and we were talking about the upcoming Sunday). They really wanted to cover the debate. This was the first idea I drew. I think they were right to pass on Mueller.


I wasn’t super crazy for this one. To me, it’s doable but not great.


I didn’t just cover the Mueller testimony. As simplistic as this is, I actually like it. I almost drew it for my clients but other issues and ideas overtook it.


Another one I thought was OK.


I liked this one but thought I could replace “fat” with something else Trump is self-conscious about. I thought it would be a contender.


I really like the point in this. Republicans aren’t very realistic. You also have to remember that the same people who don’t believe Trump is a racist also believes he’s honest, ethical, godly, a great businessman, and very presidential. They believe everything Donald Trump has told them about him. I could write an entire blog post on this alone.


I decided to do one on the big-spending bill Congress sent to Trump. We knew all along that the Tea Party was never about government spending or fiscal responsibility. Republicans only get upset over government spending when Democrats do it. Since Eisenhower, Republican presidents have spent more than Democratic presidents. True. Again, that can be another blog post. By the way, the Tea Party was only about being upset we had a black president.


I liked “Maga Man” but I wasn’t in love with the movie concept. I knew other cartoonists would use the same concept.


I liked the whole slinging concept and I used it for another cartoon. Don’t make me explain “slinging” again. Also, I saw another cartoon with the Paul Revere concept the next day. I pass on ideas other cartoonists settle for.


And, I did the slinging here. This is one of those that worked for some people and not for others. Most people probably didn’t get it. There is a negative to watching too much television.


I liked this one and I have a few other ideas in my head over the whole A$ap Rocky thing. I haven’t drawn on it yet because other stuff keeps happening.


I didn’t draw this one because I thought the issue would die soon. I’m also not big about the whole puppet concept and I used it today with Mitch McConnell. So, this cartoon will never be completed. But, I did like it.

Which of these ideas is your favorite?

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