Roughing It, Volume 6

These are roughs from last week. Each of these was submitted for the CNN Opinion newsletter, which was published last Sunday. The reason I’m only showing you roughs for CNN and not the cartoons for my newspaper clients is because I only draw roughs for CNN.  All the ideas I have for my newspapers are written down and they don’t need to see roughs. They get what I give them.


Last Thursday, my editor emailed asking me what topics I had in mind. I replied, “race, race, race, and race.” He agreed that was the direction. They like for the cartoon to fit the lead of the newsletter. Some weeks, they’re not sure what the lead will be and they kinda explore it with me, or at least I think that’s what we’re doing. This was the first idea. I had already drawn out several for them before our conversation even started.


I really liked this one and I almost did it for my newspapers, but it was overtaken by other issues and ideas. I wrote a lot of notes down for this one.


This was kind of a meh. Don’t you agree?


I liked this one and it’s similar to something I did earlier in the year. Funny thing. The news moves so fast now that by Thursday when I had sketched this out, the vote in Congress to condemn Trump’s racist tweets was old news.


I used this concept a few days later about Trump’s handling of Iran.


I liked this one and the argument it makes. But, I’ve drawn a lot of Klansmen lately. I’m getting tired of them. In fact, I’m tired of drawing about Trump’s racism, but I can’t stop drawing about it if he can’t stop expressing his racism. In fact, he did it again on Saturday.


I almost did this one the next night. I may do it in the future as I’m sure it’ll come back. Is it gone now?


I thought this was OK, but I later saw some memes on Facebook on the same concept. That killed it for me.


My editor has already made his pick, but since I had a couple more ideas, I sent them anyway. So, this was sketched out even quicker than usual which explains why it’s even sloppier than usual. I was also getting burned out on drawing roughs. Trust me. It takes its toll. I liked this idea though.


I never finished fleshing this one out. The concept was to show the buildup of racism from the GOP, from the dog whistles like states rights to welfare queens to Willie Horton to “go back to where you came from.” But, we had selected our cartoon so this got a rough rough treatment. I do a lot of research for my cartoons and blogs and for this one, I wasn’t done with the research. This is a really good look inside my butcher shop. Maybe I should have done this. Maybe I’ll still do it. It’s in my notes but my notes are a huge mess.


This is what we went with. My editor loved it and said it was “brilliant.” He may have just been soothing my ego, but he really did like it. It seems a lot of readers did too as it got a bunch of shares on social media. I think it made a very good point. In case you’re not up to speed, Republicans are hypocrites.

Which one is your favorite? Did we make the right call? I love to hear what the reader thinks.

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