Deflection Bomb


In case you haven’t noticed, Donald Trump’s racist quarrel with “the Squad” isn’t about any specific policy or government program. In fact, the majority of Trump’s attacks on the four female representatives is over stuff they never said. None of them has ever called America or Americans “garbage.” None of them has said they “hate our country” or that they’re “trying to destroy it.” If you can say anyone’s trying to destroy the country, you would point your finger at Trump. Also, overlooking the racist aspect for a moment, if Trump is on the right side of this argument, then why does he have to lie?

But, for the past week, one thing we haven’t talked about is Jeffery Epstein or the resignation of Alexander Acosta. Donald Trump will create a deflection to distract from an issue that could damage him. What’s in this Epstein case in regards to Trump that’s so bad that he deflected with racism? Or then again, Trump is so racist he doesn’t know he’s racist.

Once again, Trump has created a crisis. The man who claims he doesn’t have “a racist bone in his body” has shown the uglier side of our country as his crowd chants “send her back,” one of the oldest racist tropes in American history. Usually, this much hate leads to violence.

Another manufactured crisis of Trump’s creation is the one with Iran. Donald Trump has put that nation into a corner.

Trump pulled the U.S. out of the international treaty with Iran that prevented them from constructing a nuclear weapon, arguing it will help them construct a nuclear weapon. Mostly, he just wanted to end it because it was a treaty approved by the Obama administration. In doing so, Trump has made the United States a nation that can’t be trusted when it comes to treaties. And he wonders why Iran won’t talk to us now without conditions. Usually, we’re the ones who set conditions.

Iran is now suspected of attacking at least seven oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, where an estimated 20 million barrels of crude oil, 20 percent of the world’s supply, passes through daily (if you’re a Republican, “daily” means every day).

Ports in the gulf and a major pipeline in Saudi Arabia have been targeted. Iran shot down an American drone it claims violated its airspace, In return, the U.S. took down an Iranian drone last week. Now, Iran is seizing British-flag oil tankers.

Iran claims they have the capability to shut down the gulf which would affect oil exports from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and themselves. But, that is unlikely as it would definitely lead to a conflict.

Trump has imposed the harshest sanctions in history on Iran which they consider “economic warfare.” The nation’s oil exports are down to 250,000 a day, where before the sanctions they were at two million. In case you’re not a student of history, it was crippling sanctions against Japan that led them to believe going to war with the U.S. was their only recourse.

I don’t believe Iran is going to bomb Pearl Harbor, but strangling them is making them violate the nuclear treaty, which they are still a part of with Europe, Russia, and China. It can also lead Iran to create more havoc with Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen, who are fighting Saudi Arabia and have launched attacks against their oil infrastructure and tankers. Iran’s proxies have already forced Exxon to evacuate oil fields in Iraq twice. Iran is probably more interested in sabotage than all-out war.

Iran has conditions for the U.S to meet before there can be a diplomatic solution. Trump’s condition is that Iran kisses his ass. So, this may not end well.

If a war does start because of Trump’s negligence and narcissism, his voters won’t blame or bail on him…just like they won’t if he does drop an N-bomb.

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  1. Well it already has. Some Florida cop, Florida, no surprise there, has already made some threat on AOC.
    Someone, I don’t know who in law enforcement would because trump has Barr doing whatever he tells him to do regarding the law in the US today, but someone should talk to that guy who is supposed to be in “law enforcement” in Florida.
    But with trump in and Barr willing to do whatever trump tells him…
    It may get very ugly and trump will have to be forced from office.
    Why do you think that everyone in his administration right now, with few exceptiongs, is only on an “acting” basis?
    Because in that way the 25th amendment cannot be invoked against trump, because those trump “officials” are in only as “acting” and they cannot invoke the 25th amendment against idiot trump.

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  2. Clay, what’s up with Spongebob?
    That show is way too sophisticated for 45* to watch.
    (Not exaggerating… Spongebob has jokes that that are way over the heads of kids and Republicans.)
    TeleTubbies is more likely 45*’s speed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Here’s the deal on that randumbthoughts:

      45* has Spongebob on the screen BECAUSE most of the humour goes over his head. Although his dumbass doesn’t understand anything but one or two of the fart and dick jokes, he keeps it on prominent display to “prove” to his boot lickers that he has some “sophistication”. He just hopes and prays that no one bothers to ask him or try to engage in conversation about any of the sophisticated humour presented on the show. Not that looking like a complete moron has ever been a deal breaker for 45* though. 😋

      But, in all seriousness, Spongebob has had some pretty deep thinking and adult orientated moments. I have two sons that, for the most part, grew up watching Spongebob. Just the other day, my younger son claimed that it’s his favourite cartoon of all time; my older son says he still enjoys it, but since he’s more “mature” now, South Park is his toon of choice. Gotta love ’em…either that or give ’em to the orphanage. DC

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