If someone accuses you of being insecure, your best defense wouldn’t be shouting at the top of your lungs that you’re not.

Secret diplomatic cables from United Kingdom ambassador Sir Kim Darroch to various members of the UK government were leaked this week, probably by someone in the UK government who is pro-Brexit. The cables were from 2017 to 2019 and in them, Darroch described Donald Trump as “inept,” “clumsy,” “insecure,” and “incompetent.”

This morning, it was announced that Darroch will resign as he sees it’ll be impossible to work with Trump. If the UK government needs future evaluations about the Trump administration that are honest, they can subscribe to this blog.

Ambassadors are supposed to give honest assessments to their leaders of the nations where they are serving. They are required to give their leaders their best insights and ideas. These are private and they’re not all adoring, which is what Donald Trump demands of everyone. When you hold massive hate rallies on a weekly basis so thousands of people will tell you that you’re awesome, you don’t want it pointed out that you’re inept.

Soon after the cables were leaked, Trump engaged in another Twitter tantrum and said the ambassador wasn’t well liked, that he’s “wacky,” “stupid,” and “a pompous fool.” The ambassador is English. They all sound pompous.

Ambassador Darroch is actually well respected and he’s a career professional in government and diplomacy. His resume includes stints in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Diplomatic Service, as desk officer in the Tunnel Project, the FCO’s Minister of State, Counsellor for External Affairs at the British Permanent Representative to the European Union, head of the Cabinet Office where he served as the Prime Minster’s principal advisor on European affairs, National Security Advisor, and as ambassador to the United States.

For comparison, Trump’s ambassador to the UK is Woody Johnson, a person with zero diplomatic or government experience and owner of the New York Jets, a team so “inept,” it gave us the butt fumble.

Trump accused Obama of diminishing the stature of the United States and of being an international embarrassment. Now, he has an ambassador calling him “inept.” He’s not the first to notice.

The mayor of Paris said, “Trump is so stupid, my God!” The Danish Foreign Minister said, “He changes opinions like the rest of us changes underwear.” Ecuador’s president said, “His discourse is so dumb, so basic.” A former president of Mexico said, “That’s the way Mussolini and Hitler arrived.” The Chinese Foreign Minister said, “Trump is an irrational type.” Pakistan’s Interior Minister said Trump is “ignorant.” A British MP said, “Donald Trump is an idiot” and “I tried to find five parliamentary adjectives to describe him but none was clear enough. He is an idiot.” Mexico’s Foreign Affairs Secretary said, “When an apple’s red, it is red. When you say ignorant things, you’re ignorant.” Italian Prime Minister said, “I consider Donald Trump a man who invests a lot in a policy of fear.” Another British MP called Trump “the orange prince of American self-publicity.” And another British MP said, “if he met one or two of my constituents in a pub, they may well tell him he’s a wazzock.” And another MP called him a “buffoon.” France’s ambassador to the U.S. called him a “vulture.” Australia’s opposition leader said his views are “barking mad.” Israel’s opposition leader said his statements are “shocking and disgusting.” A Latin American diplomat said, “he would make an important contribution to anti-American sentiment around the world.”

And, Boris Johnson, who loves Trump and may be the next Prime Minister, once said, “The only reason I wouldn’t visit some parts of New York is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump.”

Trump has sworn not to work with the UK’s ambassador and uninvited him to a party after the cables were leaked and the White House has probably unsubscribed from Britbox. But, Trump is willing to work with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and has invited him to the White House, even though Kim once called him a “dotard.”

While our allies are aghast and are horrified that Trump is inept, leaders in places like North Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and China are delighted. Throw the guy a sword dance and he’s orange putty in your hands.

During a speech to the United Nations, the entire delegation laughed at Trump after he claimed he was the most successful president in U.S. history. Darroch’s view that Trump is inept may have been a secret, but it’s not a secret to the world that Trump is inept.

It’s also not a secret that he’s a wanker.

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