Avocado Boom Boom


I give my conservative cartooning colleagues a lot of crap over their devotion to Trump, producing cartoons that are based on fear, hate, propaganda and conspiracy theories while being totally devoid of facts. Mostly, I give them hell for abandoning principles they held decades before Trumpism, such as patriotism, law and order, family values, democracy over fascism. But now I’ve seen at least three of them go against Trump and his tariffs.

Republicans have traditionally been against increasing tariffs, knowing that when we increase tariffs that they’re paid for by Americans. They are basically tax increases. Donald Trump continues to say the nations he raises tariffs on will pay them, which isn’t just fundamentally wrong, but a lie.

So, to those conservative Trump supporting cartoonists who have publicly expressed opposition to Trump tariffs, in all seriousness without making fun of you, kudos. Oh, and if you’re one of those conservative cartoonists, “kudos” means congratulations.

After increasing tariffs on China, Trump got into the tariff zone and is now proposing a five percent increase on tariffs on Mexico to pressure them on an unrelated issue, immigrants from Central America. The five percent increase will take effect June 10 and gradually increase to 25 unless, as the White House issued in a statement, “Mexico substantially stops the illegal inflow of aliens coming through its territory.”

A report by the right-wing group the Tax Foundation says Trump’s new tariffs will be the largest tax increase on Americans in three decades.

The study says that with the five-percent increase alone, “GDP would fall by an additional 0.50 percent ($124.82 billion), resulting in 0.33 percent lower wages and 387,041 fewer full-time equivalent jobs.”

Mexico is the United State’s biggest trading partner and is the largest market for U.S. corn and pork and supplies one out of three fresh fruits and vegetables consumed in the United States. Yet, Trump tweeted that they are an “abuser” that takes but never gives to the U.S. In his announcement that he was running for the presidency, Trump accused Mexico of sending rapists and murderers to the U.S. Throughout the disaster of his presidency, he’s accused Mexico of sending us an “invasion” of drug dealers, cartels, human traffickers, people smugglers and immigrants.

Some U.S. business groups are considering lawsuits against the administration, questioning the legality of mixing immigration policy goals with trade retaliation.

This strategy is as useless as the proposed racist wall and monument to Trump since the majority of undocumented immigrants, drugs, and weapons enter through legal ports of entry.

U.S. farmers are already feeling the pinch of reduced sales after Trump increased tariffs on China and they retaliated. Now, the Mexican market may dry up for them as well. Will Trump throw them another bailout with money borrowed from China to pay farmers not to sell to Mexico and China?

If you are a freak over avocados, get ready to pay more. While California produces the fruit, they do so for only eight months of the year. Mexico produces avocadoes year-round, and the U.S. consumes 74% of that nation’s exported avocadoes. Mexican farmers believe we’re such devotees of the fruit, that Trump’s tariffs won’t hurt them. Apparently, avocadoes are like crack. You’ll keep purchasing for your fix no matter how high your dealer raises the price.

If China and Mexico are smart, and they are, they’ll follow Nancy Pelosi’s lead in negotiating with Trump. The man has a history of bailing on his promises and walking away from a negotiating table with significantly less than he argued for…or nothing at all.

I expect the avocadoes to blow up in Trump’s face.

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  1. ” Apparently, avocadoes are like crack. You’ll keep purchasing for your fix no matter how high your dealer raises the price.”

    It’s funny you should phrase it like that. The fact is, the drug cartel diversified their holdings a while back. Guess what they “bought?” (Or, rather, they bullied, bribed, & extorted farmers into giving them “shares” or complete ownership.)

    Yup. Avocados. 😥

    Sucks, because, personally, I love the darned things.


    Liked by 2 people

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