Farmer Bang Bang


During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump said he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and he wouldn’t lose any voters. He was right, but at that time, he would have lost support from his party. Today, he could shoot farmer after farmer and the GOP would only yawn (unless it was a black guy and then they’d get excited).

Trump’s not going to shoot anyone on Fifth Avenue. If he shoots anyone, it’ll be in a soybean field in Iowa, and then maybe a stockbroker on Wall Street.

Republicans used to be all about free trade and anti tariffs. They’ve always argued that tariffs are taxes on American consumers and nobody wins a trade war. They were right. Today, they’ve sacrificed their previous position, just as they’ve expunged their positions on law and order, patriotism, defense, morals, etc. as if they underwent a political colonic.

Today, after China retaliated by raising $60 billion in tariffs on American goods, Trump said he “likes the position we’re in.” You have to remember, this is a guy who “liked the position he was in” when he shut down the government for 30 days before losing a negotiation with Democrats. We are putting our stock, our businesses, our economy, our farms, and our people in a guy who won’t accept that Americans pay for tariffs.

A trade war will hurt both countries, but it will be felt more by American consumers and the politicians they vote for. In case you’re a Republican, nobody votes in China and there’s not a free press that can criticize President Xi Jinping or even report facts that are critical of his positions. The only pressure President Xi is under is, don’t lose a trade war with an orange shitgibbon. Xi is basically president for life, but losing a negotiation to an idiot like Donald Trump could very well shorten that life.

Farmers who voted for Trump are typical Trump cultists. They’ll continue to believe in Trump, even as soybeans from last year are rotting in storage because there’s no longer a market for them. But maybe around the point that they’re literally losing the farm, they might realize this entire Trump experiment isn’t working out. They may actually realize that Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist who only cares about the malignant narcissist. His current welfare plan for farmers is only designed to uphold their support of him, but that won’t last. How long can you borrow money from China to help farmers not sell their crops to China?

Unfortunately for me and you, nearly everything we own is made in China. If we could buy crap made cheaper in Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia, we would. We are cheap consumers. We haven’t been holding off from buying products made in thirder-world nations than China because of loyalty or ethics. We’re cheap. We would have already been doing it.

Trump may not feel any pressure from other consumers because fortunately for him, his supporters aren’t known for shopping at Wal-Mart (insert eye roll here).

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  1. I have a cat. I call him Emmett McCafferty. Emmett fortunately is smarter than Con Donnie. Emmett knows his name and he knows when it’s his time to eat. Con Donnie is however, an ignorant, ill-prepared narcissistic moron. I spent from 1980 (my first trip to China) until 1991 doing business in China. Con Donnie’s bluster, bravado and total lack of understanding of the Chinese has put him in a position like a rock and a hole in the ground. This horses ass must go away before our whole country gets flushed down the drain.

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    1. I have a cat too! He’s smarter, more stubborn, & waaaaaaaaay more likely to get his way in our “negotiations” than Trump too!!

      Now I’m tempted to put Loki (my cat) on the ballot. I mean, cats are super popular on the Internet… he’d probably get a lot of votes. 🤣 🤣 🤣

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  2. I have always and will always avoid buying things Chinese made. Living in South America, that is becoming more difficult by the day. It’s almost as difficult as not buying Nestle products. With Trumputinovshitsky’s policies, my chosen avoidance will be made more difficult as China begins dumping their crap in the Southern Hemispheres. He’s clearly fucking the world, not just the USA!

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  3. China does need to answer for their terrible business practices, such as instigating cyber attacks to steal our data on research and inventions. This tariff trade war isn’t the direction to go though. Rather than spending billions on his vanity wall project, Trump could have spent that money improving our cyber defenses against China.

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  4. I don’t know if this makes you feel better or not, but the farming community is quite aware at how bad these tariffs are for them, and they are turning away from him. Unfortunately, farmers are a very small part of the population today.

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