There’s Something Wrong With Rudy


Just in case the Trump team’s defense of all of Donald’s transgressions documented in the Mueller Report wasn’t stupid enough, they trotted out Rudy Giuliani on Sunday for all the talk shows.

For months, Mayor Rudy went on the talk shows and defended Trump by saying, “He didn’t do it.” Then, he changed that position to, “If he did it then it wasn’t wrong.” It’s like when he flipped from defending former Trump lawyer/fixer Michael Cohen from respectable lawyer and family man to lying betrayer. If only he could delete his pro-Cohen tweets like Sean Hannity did.

On Sunday, Rudy told CNN’s Jake Tapper, “There’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians.” That’s his position because that’s exactly what the Trump campaign did and it’s laid out in Mueller’s report. Not only did the Trump team use information that was obtained illegally by Russia, they asked for it and were eager to get it.

Rudy was responding to Mitt Romney’s statement that he was “sickened” by what he read in the Mueller Report and “appalled” that “fellow citizens working in a campaign for president (Trump) welcomed help from Russia, including information that had been illegally obtained, that none of them acted to inform American law enforcement.” What sickens and appalls me is that Mittens is the only Republican sickened and appalled so far from what he read in the report. All Americans, including Republicans and Rudy should be disgusted by the actions of the Trump Campaign. But they’re not because they’re no longer Republicans or even Americans. They’re cultists.

Rudy went on to imply that Romney was a hypocrite because he wanted dirt on Obama during his presidential campaign. He said, “Man, if I could tell you the things Romney wanted to do,” regarding the 2012 presidential campaign. He said Romney needed to “stop the bull” and to “stop this pious act that you weren’t digging up, trying to dig up dirt on people, putting dirt out on people.”

After being pressed by Tapper, Rudy admitted he didn’t know if Romney had obtained any information from foreign governments, which means he didn’t. But, Rudy went on to say more stupid stuff like all the stuff Russia was hacking became available in every major newspaper, so it wasn’t wrong to use it.

Rudy needs to stop the bull. All the stuff the media was reporting on was obtained by a foreign government to help the Trump campaign. It only took the Russians five hours to start hacking into the Democrat’s systems after Trump publicly asked them to. The media’s access to the hacked material was only made available after it was published publicly by Wikileaks. The media was reporting about the material. Trump was using it politically.

The other nonsense from Rudy is saying any campaign would use illegally obtained material from a hostile foreign government. He makes this claim based on campaigns using dirt against their opponents. Yes, campaigns want dirt and they hire people to conduct opposition research. There’s probably not a campaign in American presidential history that hasn’t looked for dirt on their opponent. The difference here is that the Russians approached the Trump campaign and instead of contacting the FBI, they said, “I love it.”

I feel kind of bad for Jake Tapper and Fox News’ Chris Wallace (who also tangled with Rudy on Sunday). Trying to rationalize with Giuliani is like debating a Trump sycophant on social media. You’re quarreling with a tinfoil-hat-wearing fucknut who hasn’t even read William Barr’s four-page summary, less enough Mueller’s nearly-500 page report, yet they know every detail about it that doesn’t exist. At some point, you realize you’re not the dumbass whisperer and it’s actually not important what they believe. You can’t fix stupid. You’re totally free to leave the discussion and move on with your life. But poor Tapper and Wallace are in Giuliani’s presence and the only way to get rid of him before the allotted time is over would be to take a fire hose and spray him out of the studio.

Rudy’s mind went bye-bye a long time ago. Talking to him is like having your crazy grandpa over for Thanksgiving, then realizing that his ride, Grandma, left without him and she’s not answering her phone. And your aunts, uncles, and cousins aren’t any help because they all snuck out while you were trying to call Grandma. Quite frankly, I keep waiting for Rudy to show up for one of these interviews in nothing but tinfoil, a diaper, and a snorkel. No, I don’t know what the snorkel is for.

If you don’t think Rudy’s lost his mind, look at this exchange.

Giuliani: They couldn’t find a single piece of evidence for anything, hacking, dissemination.

Jake Tapper: There’s an entire volume of evidence.

Giuliani: There is an entire volume of stuff, of stuff, not of evidence.

Damn you, Grandma.

Now, every lawyer in American can counter by claiming the evidence against their client isn’t evidence, it’s stuff.

It makes you wonder what kind of “stuff” Rudy and the sycophants are smoking.

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  1. “It makes you wonder what kind of “stuff” Rudy and the sycophants are smoking.” This statement implies that they’re smart enough to light a match or operate a lighter. They’re not!

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  2. I’m not saying I ever liked Giuliani but I thought he used to be a rational person with a brain that worked. I don’t know what happened, unless he drank the Trump Kool-Aid because he thought that was the only way to a) keep a high-paying job and b) keep him in front of cameras and microphones.

    Ukraine just elected a TV comedian as president. At least there’s a fair chance he’ll be intentionally funny. This troupe is just pathetic and should be humiliating to the idiots who voted for them.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. “This troupe is just pathetic and should be humiliating to the idiots who voted for them.”

      “Should be” is the operative phrase. Like IQ45 himself, most will never admit their poor decision to vote for an obviously malfunctioning buffoon.

      Let’s see how the Congressional investigations go. Perhaps we can Putin himself to testify….

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  3. >>Giuliani: There is an entire volume of stuff, of stuff, not of evidence.

    Remember, this is the same guy who told another host “truth isn’t truth” when the subject was potential testimony to the Special Counsel by Trump. Apparently Rudy has the same problem his boss does: they don’t know when to shut up.

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