Obsessing On Omar


Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar immigrated to the United States in 1992 when she was 12-years-old and settled in Virginia before moving to Minnesota in 1995. While a student in Virginia, she was picked on by other students for wearing a hijab, recalling classmates sticking gum on it, pushing her down stairs, and jumping her when changing for gym class. Her father said, “They are doing something to you because they feel threatened in some way by your existence.”

While I’m sure she felt bullied and terrorized, she didn’t criticize her father for describing their actions as “something.” This week, Trump and Republicans are going after her and inspiring death threats against her for her use of “something.”

Omar is being attacked for saying “some people did something” when commenting that all Muslims should not be held responsible for the acts of extremists during 9/11. Instead of focusing on her points or the context of her statements, Republicans have vilified her. They have even used 9/11 politically while attacking her for talking about 9/11 politically. There are two things Republicans don’t get, vaccines and irony.

Donald Trump tweeted a video that stitched together clips of Omar and the falling Twin Towers. Since then, she was received anti-Muslim insults and death threats from his racist Islamophobic supporters.

Granted, Omar could put her thoughts into words a lot better, but there’s no reason for the slander, misrepresentation, and hatred. For her criticism in the past on Israeli policy toward Palestinians and a Jewish Lobbying group, she has been vilified.

Trump supporter, white nationalist, and wannabe terrorist Christopher Hasson had her on his hit list that included multiple politicians and journalists.

The FBI investigated graffiti found in a Minnesota gas station calling for her assassination.

At a Republican event in West Virginia, someone made a poster and flyers connecting Omar to 9/11. It took a day for that state’s Republicans to condemn the poster.

Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro questioned Omar’s loyalty to the United States because she wears a hijab. However, it was nice that Fox News took a three-minute break from covering Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Trump supporters have started a conspiracy theory that she married her brother so he could become a U.S. citizen. For the record, if you’re an immigrant and a sibling is a U.S. citizen, you are eligible to apply for permanent residency status (and later become a naturalized citizen). You would not have to double-down and marry. C’mon, fucknuts. Put a little research into your bullshit.

Last week, another wannabe terrorist called her office and said, “I’ll put a bullet in her fucking skull.”

In addition to Trump’s tweet of the World Trade Center burning in context to Omar’s statement, The New York Post ran a front page picture of the flaming WTC with the headline, “Here’s your something.”

While visiting Minnesota, Trump was informed by a reporter about the threats against Omar after his hate tweet and asked if he regretted it. Of course, he doesn’t. Trump said, “No, not at all.”

He then went full-on dog whistle and said, “Look, she’s been very disrespectful to this country. She’s been very disrespectful, frankly, to Israel. She is somebody that doesn’t really understand life, real life. What it’s all about. It’s unfortunate. She’s got a way about her that’s very, very bad, I think, for our country. I think she’s extremely unpatriotic and extremely disrespectful to our country.”

Donald Trump, who was receiving millions of dollars from his parents since birth, attended boarding schools, dodged the draft, and lives in a Manhattan penthouse is saying someone who fled war and spent four years in a refugee camp “doesn’t really understand life.”

Trump is an Islamophobe and so are his supporters. As a candidate, he didn’t specify nations he’d impose a travel ban on. He called for a Muslim ban. He called for surveillance of mosques. In attacking Omar, he’s going after three of his favorite hates, Muslim, brown, and female. All three are things that scare him.

People who have been targets of Trump’s tirades have been targetted in violent methods by his supporters. Trump continues making the attacks because Donald Trump doesn’t care about anything except Donald Trump. He doesn’t care if people are hurt or if the nation burns. Trump only does Trump.

When Omar was a preteen, her father told her that those who hate her are “threatened in some way by your existence.” As an adult, they’re still threatened by her existence. Trump is using that fear to rile up his base of shitweasels.

They are threatened by her very existence. What I’m afraid of is that with Trump’s help, they’ll threaten her existence.

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  1. I feel bad for Omar. She doesn’t deserve any of this hatred. This is a country of immigrants. She came here and did the work to build her own American Dream. And she achieved it! She’s a success story we should all look up to as a point of American pride, not a target of racial hate just because she used the phrase “some people did something” instead of being painfully specific. We know the context of what she meant. We’re better than this.

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  2. Fascism is definitely making some serious inroads right here in the good old USA. A nation of immigrants. So what the friggin’ fuk is going on with those crazies?
    I know 2 people who are hard-core trump supporters and they are definitely missing some brain matter. Crazy, really nuts.
    Hopefully trump will be out after 2020 and the Democrat president elected will enforce laws to go after and eliminate the hatred and the violence. And in a serious manner so that no one will be encouraged to do any of this crap again.

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  3. Sorry dude, if you weren’t politically inept you would realize that Nazis and the Klan have stopped supporting Donald J. Trump post-2017. But then again, what do I expect from a Liberal who doesn’t do his own research. I’m not suprised.


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