DIY Racist Political Cartoon


As soon as Elizabeth Warren’s name is mentioned, somewhere a political cartoonist starts drawing her with a tom-tom, tomahawk, smoke signal, war paint, etc. I’m surprised I haven’t seen one of her campaign HQ being a teepee (there’s a free one for ya’, boys). Don’t believe me? Do a Google image search for “Elizabeth Warren cartoon.” It’s embarrassing.

I decided to save Warren haters some work and give them the tools they need to put together their very own racist Elizabeth Warren cartoon. Have fun. Be responsible. Use children scissors so you don’t hurt yourself.

You’re not getting a long blog today because I’m running late and my proofreader Frank (yeah, Frank. I’m using you as an excuse) doesn’t have as much time, as usual to save me from myself today. I spent hours researching stereotypes and each time I thought I was done and had filled enough space, I’d think of another one. I started with six.

By the way and just because I think it needs reminding; Donald Trump still hasn’t paid that $1 million to charity for Warren taking a DNA test.

Be Complicit

What kind of person would want to be part of something that disparages, slanders, and disrespects Dear Leader and his sycophantic followers? Hopefully, you. 
Making a contribution supports my work and keeps the cartoons, columns, and videos coming. My income is from newspapers that subscribe to my work and small contributors. George Soros hasn’t sent me a million dollar check in weeks. Making a contribution of any amount, or buying a print for $40.00, makes you part of this specific resistance, and a member of Team Claytoonz (we’re still working on the name). You are complicit, an accomplice, and in cahoots (and whatever gangster terms we can think of) with this political satire pointing out that the stupid emperor has no clothes. Contributions can be made through PayPal, checks, and wads of cash exchanged in back alleys.
Whether you can help support, can’t, or just choose not to, please continue to enjoy and keep reading my work. Thank you!!! 

You can purchase a signed print of this cartoon.

Watch me draw.


  1. “Donald Trump still hasn’t paid that $1 million to charity for Warren taking a DNA test.”

    Warren has been running video ads recently. I hope she runs one showing 45* making his Million Dollar “Promise”, then displaying the results of her DNA test, then saying: “Well, 45*, put up or shut up.”

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  2. This country is doomed under the trumpublicans.
    Pelosi is not such a good deal either. If you read, she is already making moves in the House so that the more “liberal” causes are not brought up by the more progressive and new members of the House.
    So there you go. A signal to the rest of the country that things will not change much at all.
    The painful politics of gradualism will continue and the fat ugly orange pos may just last all the way through his final 2 years so we will all painfully suffer thru hearing him say “Pocahontas” a million more times while the MSM TV news continues covering trump as their Moonves news.
    “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.” – Les Moonves, former head of CBS


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