Cosby Goes Kavanaugh


There’s a huge chunk of the 1980s where I didn’t watch any television. I was young, working, going out with my friends, and causing my fair share of mayhem. I never watched Miami Vice, Hill Street Blues, the A-Team, or even Alf. That meant I was way behind on The Cosby Show and didn’t catch up until the 90s when I was married and not causing any trouble.

But, Bill Cosby was America’s dad. Now, he’s America’s sex offender in an American prison for the next three to ten years. He’s going to be someone’s “puddin’ pop.”

Cosby’s spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt, who should seriously consider getting a job with Trump administration, said after the sentencing that Cosby and Brett Kavanaugh are victims of a “sex war.”

He also praised Cosby for being a civil rights leader, educator of men and boys (this is how you roofie), and said he was being persecuted like Jesus.

See? I told you that guy should get a job with Trump administration. He could replace Sarah Huckabee Sanders, or even Nikki Haley, who this morning said that the world leaders at the United Nations weren’t laughing at Trump…they were laughing out of respect for how “truthful” he was.

And, he could become Kavanaugh’s defender and explain that he wasn’t a virgin right up through college just because all the women fought back. Or, he could bring up Kavanaugh’s calendar and point out all the nights “not raping” was inked, not penciled, in on his agenda.

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  1. I grew up in the 1960s listening to Bill Cosby’s funny LP albums until I could recite his routines. He was an important part of my childhood. For years, after these stories of him drugging and raping women came out, I thought I could never listen to those albums again, or enjoy the memory of their funny stories. I am certainly not comparing myself to the women he assaulted– far from it– but there are countless people like me who were also hurt by what he did. He gave happiness to a child, and then dirtied it. But I made a decision to forgive him– not for what he did to the women he attacked, because I don’t have the right to forgive him for that; only they do, if they ever choose to do so. I forgive him for soiling the memories of my childhood, because I want to remember laughing at his stories with my family, now dead.

    He was a well-known person, good looking and apparently charming– why in hell did he think he had to do that instead of trying to pick up dates the way any normal man does? I think it’s like the rabbi who secretly filmed women in the ritual bath when he could have seen plenty of naked women on the internet: it’s not sex as much as a power trip for these sick bastards.

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    1. I remember listening to the album ‘Why is There Air?’ in the 60s also (a phys-ed major responding to a philosophy major, which I was to become years later). I watched Cosby’s first TV show in high school in ’68 (I watched ‘I Spy’ too). I hate being deceived. You are correct of course (I’m a psychotherapist, but not a psycho-the-rapist), power is what turns on miscreant sex-offenders, why else, for example, would a teenage rapist assault a 92 year old woman?Cosby played the college circuit and he could’ve found groupies in the audience. The prison time does not match what he deserves IMHO and it’s sad he wasn’t apprehended long ago.

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  2. 9 hours of testimony #Ford & #BK now the 115 #USACongress for unity to have obligation for confirm job to judge to @Scotus but never for life only can be for 6 years Term its established by imperative Amendment XVII,XX,XXII & with 2/3 votes of 100 = 67 Senators & To put #END #ElectoralCollege for make work Amend XII for count votes will day install last on 1.3.2017 and never more treason of made was omitted for not count votes invalid of unconstitutional candidate rigged woman #HillaryClinton not eligible for president reach 65 M vs. 63 M he candidate born in USA he #POTUS now oath for term for All Us citizens no distinction. US citizens for your determination for your future Voice & Votes Count 2020. constitutionus. com

    Brett Kavanaugh’s friend Mark Judge speaks out after Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony


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