Political Family Feud


A lot of us can relate to families torn apart by politics. We’ve always disagreed here and there, but with the arrival of Donald Trump, it’s like the people you’ve always known and loved have been replaced by racist pod people.

I have two siblings who are Trump supporters. I’ve disagreed with family on political issues and candidates in the past, but I’ve never seen one change their personalities. With Trump, it’s like you have to check in your brain, lose your mind, and start goose-stepping.

I have never seen one expression of racism from my two sisters, and now? They’re defending Nazis and chanting about building a wall. On top of that, they don’t see a conspiracy theory they don’t like. They share and believe them all. They have stopped checking facts and don’t care about accountability or dignity anymore. What happened to them?

Paul Gosar’s siblings are probably asking the same questions I have for the past two years. Six of his nine siblings have endorsed his opponent and appeared in a campaign ad for him. David Brill may not have much of a shot in a Gosar’s super-red Arizona district, but the majority of Gosar’s own siblings don’t want you to vote for him.

I totally understand. If one of my Trump sycophant sibs was running for dog catcher, I’d endorse their opponent. I’d tell people to vote for the dogs. My siblings are insane and so is Paul Gosar.

Gosar helped spread the conspiracy theory that Obama was born in Kenya. He also blamed George Soros for the violence that happened in Charlottesville. He didn’t blame Nazis. His siblings are right. Don’t vote for him.

Gosar said his brothers and sisters are disgruntled Hillary supporters. That doesn’t change the fact that the majority of the people who know him best believe he should not be in Congress.

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  1. Poor baby. I stay far away from “that kind.” Fortunately, my family are all liberal democratic Democrats. We are not without problems but at least they didn’t turn into “that kind.” Be strong and keep cartooning!

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