Drain The Deep State


I’m sure corrupt Republicans were corrupt long before Donald Trump became the cult leader of their party. But, he totally emboldened them to push the limits of greed and self-serving.

Donald Trump is violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution by making money from his office. Anyone who feels the need to get on Trump’s good side, which he makes very clear is required, stays at his hotel in Washington. From Republicans to foreign dignitaries, they put their money into Trump’s pockets. Recently, the embassies of Kuwait and the Philippines held parties in the ballroom in the D.C. Trump Hotel.

It’s not just in Washington either as revenue for the Trump Hotel in New York rose by 13% after two years of decline, just by one five-day visit from a Saudi Prince. Neither the Prince nor any members of the Saudi royal family actually stayed at the hotel, as they have standards and probably heard what Trump does on the mattresses with hookers, but he sent his entourage to stay there.

Trump also makes huge windfalls every time he plays golf at one of his resorts as the United States government needs to pay for members of the administration and various government employs to book rooms. There’s also his restaurants at the resorts and hotels, golf cart rentals (which the Secret Service has to pay to watch Trump cheat at golf), and other incidentals.

Trump also stole from his charity to buy gifts for himself and settle lawsuits for his businesses. The charity was also managed by the Trump Campaign during the presidential race, and coordinated for political events. Other acts of corruption and cons are Trump’s fake university and paying off porn stars and Playmates to keep quiet about sleeping with him. He’s also giving do-nothing campaign jobs with huge salaries to former White House staffers, so they’ll keep their mouths shut too.

Trump is rewarded for all of this with an approval rating from Republicans nearing 90%. So, when other Republican politicians witness this, why wouldn’t they think they could get away with it? When Trump’s corruption is investigated and people are going to prison, he cries “witch hunt” and perpetuates the ridiculous deep state theory.

Republican congressman Duncan Hunter is blaming the deep state for his troubles. He has been indicted on a series of counts ranging from conspiracy to campaign finance violations. He is being accused of spending campaign money on personal expenses.

In a seven-year period, Hunter and his wife overdrew their checking account over 1,100 times with overdraft fees of $37,761. The Hunters took more than $250,000 from his campaign.

They would make personal purchases and later claim they were campaign related, like buying golf clothes and later claiming they were golf balls for a Wounded Warriors project. They spent thousands on vacations to Italy and Hawaii, on video games, books, puzzles, trips to Costco, Target and Walmart, computers, and lavish meals. Duncan Hunter once claimed miles on a trip where he didn’t take his car. He also made his wife his campaign manager, so she could collect the salary.

His wife once paid an overdue balance to her dentist and then later told the campaign’s treasurer it was for a charity called “Smiles for Life.”

Then, there’s the bunny. Hunter spent $600.00 to fly the family’s pet rabbit. No word yet if Hoppy ever got his own room at a Trump resort.

When he would be questioned by his staff about the expenses, he would accuse them of not being loyal. Does that sound familiar? Also, familiar sounding, when the indictments came down, he blamed a “deep state” conspiracy among “partisan Democrat prosecutors,” despite the fact they’re coming from other Republicans. The prosecutor was appointed by Jeff Sessions. He also blamed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and claims this attack on him is a way to get to the president.

Hunter was the second Republican in Congress to endorse Trump for president. The first Republican to endorse him was Chris Collins from New York who was just…wait for it…indicted for insider trading. Yes, the first two Republicans in Congress to endorse Donald Trump have been indicted. Once you go orange, you don’t go back.

They love to shout “drain the swamp” at Trump rallies. Trump has said he initially didn’t like the phrase as he thought it was cheesy but grew to like it when it became a chant. Obviously, it’s about the chant and not the definition. Even if Trump does know what “drain the swamp” means, he has no real intention of ending corruption in Washington as his administration may already be the most corrupt in American history.

If Trump really wanted to end corruption in D.C. and “drain the swamp,” he would resign. Maybe that would be an act other Republicans could follow.

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  1. “Then, there’s the bunny.”

    Cool! Another 45* Style Playboy Bunny Scandal. Get the popcorn!

    “Hunter spent $600.00 to fly the family’s pet rabbit. No word yet if Hoppy ever got his own room at a Trump resort.”

    Cancel the popcorn. But it does explain why Hunter is still loyal to 45*.
    He doesn’t want to find Hoppy boiling in a pot on the stove in his kitchen.


  2. I noticed that when the press asked that congressman about the allegations he blew it off as being nothing but a conspiracy cooked up by the Democrats to make him and the GOP look bad before the midterms. That was straight out of his corrupt face and into the microphone and camera that was following him. That congressman is a trumptard.
    AND he was one of the first of the GOP to endorse the candidacy of dump.
    If that didn’t tell you something of what was yet to be.
    #VOTETHEMOUT the GOP this November. Vote the GOP out of all levels of government in this country. National. State. Local.
    Just because dump was elected president does not make corruption okay.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There are two Republicans I will not vote out of office: my governor and Lt. governor. Massachusetts has a veto-proof majority of Democrats in the house and senate. We need somebody to mind the store and stop the kiddies from stealing the cookie jar.


      1. I agree that we need (at least) two parties to prevent one, even mine, from having everything its own way. But this assumes that both parties are made up of rational people who put country above party and have actually read the US Constitution and take their oaths of office seriously. I have seen very few people like that in the GOP in recent years. Maybe it’s just that the party has lurched so far to the loony right that it’s left those people behind.

        I don’t know anything about the Republicans in the Massachusetts state house, so they may be good people. In Maryland we have a GOP governor in a Democratic state and he’s not bad as GOP’s go, but he’s still bucking his party a lot of the time. In Congress they don’t even have that option– a few of them may sound rational for the TV cameras, but they still vote in lockstep with the rest of the GOP. I don’t think I can trust a “moderate Republican.” With heads of the party like Trump, McConnell, and Ryan, what can you expect but rot?

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