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There has been speculation that Special Counsel Robert Mueller may be considering federal bribery charges against Donald Trump for offering pardons for silence. Former Trump attorney John Dowd allegedly told lawyers representing Paul J. Manafort and Michael Flynn last year that Trump would consider pardons if the two men got into legal trouble. Flynn is cooperating with Mueller, but a jury is currently deliberating over sending Manafort to prison for the rest of his life, yet he still is not cooperating with the Special Counsel’s office. Manafort’s lack of cooperation isn’t based on a strong sense of ethics.

Now Robert Mueller may be interested in other ways Trump pays to silence people. Omarosa Manigault Newman, former Apprentice star and White House aide (whoever thought that’d be in a sentence?) claims she was offered $15,000 a month to keep quiet about her time in the White House (That!…I totally expected to see in a sentence) and that she had to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

The White House called her claims lies, yet she produced hard evidence in the form of a taped recording of Lara Trump (If Don Jr. and Eric are Dumb and Dumber, she’s married to Dumber. Dumb is getting a divorce) offering her a job in the Trump Campaign paying $15,000 a month. Naturally, she’d have to be silent, yet she could live anywhere she wants and wouldn’t have to do much if any work at all. Basically, just work on keeping her mouth shut.

Omarosa’s claim is also supported by the fact there are several former White House staffers making that same amount, or near to it, working for the Trump Campaign. $15,000 is a magic number.

ABC News checked out financial election filings and reported what Trump sycophants will probably call “fake news,” facts that support Omarosa’s claims.

Some have been paid by the Trump Campaign, while others were paid by the Republican National Committee and America First PAC, a political action committee dedicated to Trump’s re-election.

Monthly payments have been made to the former director of Oval Office operations Keith Schiller, former personal assistant to the president John McEntee, former digital media director of the Trump campaign Brad Parscale, and former director of advertising for the Trump campaign Gary Coby.

McEntee was fired after issues with his security clearance (surprise) and was hired by the Trump Campaign within hours of being escorted out of the White House (Probably escorted out like Jazz was escorted out of the mansion by Uncle Phil in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which is how I’m hoping Trump is eventually escorted out).

Former White House Spokesgoon Sean Spicer called Omarosa’s claims a lie since she said he had signed a nondisclosure agreement. Spicer claims he never signed one and is not being paid by the Trump Campaign. It’s kind of surprising that it wasn’t pressure, obligation, or payment to encouraged him to write, “a unicorn riding a unicorn jumping over a rainbow” in describing Donald Trump (If Trump was to resemble a fictional beast, it wouldn’t be a unicorn. It’d be a wookalar. Look that up). Apparently, he did that self-disembowelment pro bono. Spicer now runs a communications firm, which begs to ask, who’d be dumb enough to hire a guy for communications who communicated the unicorn/unicorn/rainbow line? Probably anyone dumb enough to donate to the Trump Campaign.

It does take a special kind of stupid to give money to a guy who steals from charities and an extra layer of duh to continue giving it to a campaign that uses it to shut people up. If you’re contributing to the Trump Campaign, your money is being used to bribe in addition to other Trump expenditures (like porn stars and playmates to keep quiet).

Donald Trump is a con man and a grifter. He’s not making America great again, but when this is all said and done, you can keep the crappy cap.

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  1. My father was a die hard republican…mainly becasue his parents were, talk about dumb…and he was proud of it…so sad. He would call someone like this a flim-flam man

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      1. One of George C. Scott’s best performances.
        Also the first film in which I recall seeing Michael Sarrazin.

        If you like movies like this, you will also like “Fools’ Parade” (1971), which has one of my favorite quotes:
        Mattie Appleyard: God uses the good ones and the bad ones use God.


  2. Speaking of memory jogs, the “wookalar” reference led me to Google it, and–I’ve been wondering for years what that movie was with Don Knotts and Tim Conway solving a murder. I especially remembered the line “you can’t drown her because her bosoms’ll float.” And there it is: The Private Eyes. 😀

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