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What is obvious is that when the Trump administration started to rip families apart and throw babies in jail, that they never had a plan to reunite them.

The Trump administration missed one court-ordered deadline to reunite the families they’ve torn apart. After receiving an extension, they missed their second deadline.

Of course, the Trump administration doesn’t plan ahead for anything. After promising that Mexico would pay for his stupid, pointless, and racist border wall, Trump demanded American taxpayers to foot the bill. On Sunday, he threatened to shut down the government if Democrats, who are in the minority and don’t set the agenda, did not fund the wall.

By last Thursday, the Trump administration claimed it had met the deadline to reunite families despite there still be 711 children remaining in government custody. How can you meet a deadline when you don’t meet a deadline? Can I use that on my clients? Can I tell them not to believe what they see and hear?

The administration gave a list of 914 parents to the court it had determined were “either not eligible, or not yet known to be eligible, for reunification.” They said over 400 were not in the United States, with many having been deported.

They claimed 127 have waived reunification as if the parents brought their children to this country and now they don’t want them. Many of the parents weren’t aware of what they were signing, and some were even lied to by being told the document would reunite them with their children. Others felt coerced to sign. Many weren’t aware of what they were signing because of the language barrier, as not only do they not speak English, they don’t speak Spanish and come from areas in Central America where only indigenous languages are spoken.

The government claims 64 have a “prohibitive criminal record,” which is very murky. Many have only been accused and the government isn’t sharing the information with the press or the public. They also claim that 260 parents need “further evaluation” before being reunited, without explaining what needs to be reevaluated.

This policy isn’t designed just to discourage illegal immigration but also asylum requests. Why wouldn’t we want to bring in people escaping violence? Because, the Trump administration is racist.

One sign that a person is racist is when they target minorities in their criticism and need lies to justify their position. Guess who does that on a daily basis? I’ll give you one big fat orange hint.

He recently lied about who was going to pay for a border wall and the reasons (racists and murderers) why we need it.

Watch me draw.

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  1. What I fail to understand is the concerted effort by mainstream media to deliberately ignore the fact that Trump’s administration doesn’t have merely a few hundred immigrant minors locked in cages, it now has well over 12,000 young kids in cages, hidden away from prying eyes while all attention is being directed toward the infants. Does that sound insane? Snopes had government verification of over 10,000 two months ago. A subsequent unpublicized verification shortly thereafter came back with the newest number which was slightly below 12,000 terrified children in custody. What in God’s name do Trumps goons have in store for these kids?

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