Deflect With Philandering


We’ve heard this before. Many pundits have described the past week as the worst of the Trump presidency. Granted, it was particularly craptacular, but it has some stiff competition for the worst designation.

There was the week Trump praised Nazis. Who can forget “shithole countries?” What about feuding with a Gold Star widow? And, in case you have to be reminded, there are still baby jails. But, publicly kissing the ass of a Russian authoritarian who helped you win your election and taking his word over your own government’s intelligence agencies does leave a putrid funk. Add on top of it, Trump’s backtracking on if Russia meddled in our election, and the additional backtrack of saying Russia isn’t targeting us anymore. The only way it could get worse is if Trump invited Putin to the White House…aw, crap. At least his Director of National Intelligence didn’t have to find out about the WH invite on live television…never mind.

Maybe the heaviest confirmation that this was the worst week of the Trump administration, so far, is that they’re trying to change the subject to Trump’s canoodling with Playmates and porn stars and his repeated lies about it.

On Friday, it was leaked to the press that Trump’s former lawyer/fixer, Michael Cohen, had taped a phone call with then-candidate Trump two months before the election about paying a former Playmate for her silence about their supposed affair.

The FBI had seized the tape (and there may be others) during a raid on Cohen’s office. The Justice Department is investigating Cohen’s payments to multiple women before the election as possible campaign finance violations. Trump has stated in the past that the accusations of his philandering are “fake news.” But as we all have come to know so well, Donald Trump lies about everything.

Donald Trump has never issued any sort of statement, whether in an interview, tweet, press conference, answering questions on the White House lawn, or calling Fox and Friends while sitting on the toilet without lying.

The question about this leak is; who did it? The people who have the tape are the FBI, the prosecutors, Cohen’s lawyers and Trump’s. Trump complains about leaks while his White House is constantly leaking. The main suspects for the leak are on the Trump Team. Perhaps they believe talking about porn stars and playmates is a reprieve from the talk of Trump’s treasonous behavior. Maybe they’d rather his supporters carry the image of him being spanked by Stormy Daniels (the porn star who reminds Trump of his daughter) over being spanked by Vladimir Putin. Either way, they both have something on him (as well as the Playmate).

Is this tape dangerous legally? Possibly. Is it dangerous politically? Hell no. Polls this week show that Trump supporters, who wrongly claim Obama carried out an apology tour, love the way Trump is handling Russia, or how Putin is handling him. Trump once said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and he wouldn’t lose their support. He could also sell out to a hostile foreign government and pork a porn star on that same street without any repercussions from his base.

During the Clinton era, Republicans said we can’t trust a man who is disloyal to his wife. They used it again last week against FBI agent Peter Strzok (oh, the hypocrisy). But, is reminding us about Trump’s disloyalty, to his wife and nation, the way to go?

Trump is loyal only to Trump. It’s probably on Michael Cohen’s tape, and it’s definitely on the Helsinki tape.

Watch me draw.

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