Costa Rica Border Defense


This cartoon was published June 22, 2018, in The Costa Rica Star.

There’s a huge crisis happening in Nicaragua, a nation that borders Costa Rica. There is not a civil war going on, but a civic uprising where the president’s goons have killed more people than the dictator has in Venezuela.

The protests started over increased taxes and decreased benefits in the public pension system, it’s expanded to grievances over the amount of time Daniel Ortega has and will occupy the presidency, in addition to his wife being vice president. Ortega was elected (again) in 2007 and the constitution was amended in 2014 which allowed him to run for a third term in 2016, which he won. His current term ends in 2022.

Sanctions have been placed on Venezuela but the world has been silent over what’s happening in Nicaragua.

I think if you’re fleeing Nicaragua and the dictator posing as a democratically-elected president, then you’re not going to want to cross into another country run by a wannabe dictator.

Watch me draw.

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