Space Balls II


Donald Trump wants a “Space Force,” and for it to be a new branch of the military. In his proclamation about his space jam, he described how it would be its own branch, he used the term “separate but equal.”

That was a very bizarre and awkward phrase to inject into his speech as it’s from the days of the segregation era. Racist argued back then that it wasn’t segregation to demand nonwhites to use separate facilities, as long as those facilities were separate.

I don’t believe Trump had that in mind when he made his speech or that he plans to make black space soldiers use separate rocket ships from white space soldiers. What I believe is that Trump’s brain is still in the 1960s, or maybe even decades earlier.

He has also used the term “law and order,” which is from Nixon’s 1968 campaign. It was a wink and a nudge to white voters when Tricky Dick used it, and it’s a megaphone now when Trump uses it. Of course, he’s not really about law and order as he’s pardoned a racist sheriff, his cabinet has restocked the swamp, his son-in-law is engaging in pay-for-play and has become even richer since taking a job in the White House, and he himself robbed a charity for personal and business expenses. Trump can also use “I am not a crook.”

Another term used by racists in days of yore is “America first,” used to defend nationalism and xenophobia. Anti-Semite Charles Lindbergh used it while arguing to keep America out of World War II, and it was soon adopted by the Klan. Naturally, Trump likes it too. It’s not surprising Trump would use these sorts of phrases when he has Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller in his ears.

Trump is easily influenced. Kim Jong Un has described military exercises by the U.S. and South Korea as “provocative,” and after their summit, Trump started using the word to describe the exercises too.

Trump’s Space Force may be as likely as Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars. Republican presidents watch too many movies. After this weekend, will Trump propose defending our southern border with velociraptors?

Trump has ordered the Pentagon to create a sixth branch of the military, which will create a bureaucratic nightmare for a military that’s already stretched thin. But, all Trump can really do is direct the Pentagon to study the idea. Maybe go watch all the Star Wars movies and rank them from best to worst (Trump probably likes Jar Jar).

In addition to a huge headache creating a sixth branch will create, there’s concern it will fracture the Air Force. Defense Secretary James Mattis spoke against the idea last year, and most of the generals (who Trump says he knows more than) are against it. The good news is Trump does not have the authority to create a new branch. Congress has to approve it. What do you want to bet Trump doesn’t know that?

Maybe the space force idea is just a shiny object. Isn’t a military parade enough to satisfy Trump’s ego? Before we conquer space, we should do something about the space in Trump’s head.

Watch me draw.

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  1. I strongly agree with your last statement (along with many others) “Before we conquer space, we should do something about the space in Trump’s head.” He definitely is still in the 50’s or 60’s. Wonder if they have thought about getting him a tutor? that he would listen to for at least 5 minutes?

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  2. I’m REALLY surprised Trump didn’t say, ” I challenge this nation, before the decade is out, to put a Big Mac in space and return it safely to earth.”

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  3. One of the WashPost columnists today said, “Nobody wants a war, including Trump.” News to me— I’d bet he does want one. Maybe this week he wants a Nobel Peace Prize, but next week he’ll be back to wanting a big fat military parade and a big fat won war to go with it.

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