Ugly American Baby


Donald Trump attended the G7 Summit against his will. He didn’t want to go, probably because he had spent the week insulting our allies while lobbying for Vladimir Putin.

Trump arrived late to the summit and he left early. He agreed to a communiqué (which is a big word for Trump) by the allies but withdrew while on his flight to Singapore because the Prime Minister of Canada said, wait for it……that Canada will defend itself from high tariffs. We actually have a trade surplus with Canada. We get more oil from Canada than from any other nation.

Trump had a hissy fit. German Chancellor Angela Merkel released a photo of our allies surrounding Trump which showed him being the quintessential ugly American. Later, he acted the part of the ugly American baby by accusing Canada’s PM, Justin Trudeau of being weak and dishonest.

Peter Navarro, a Trump trade adviser, said, “There’s a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with President Donald J. Trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door.” That quote may have disturbed me most of all.

Trudeau did not stab Trump in the back. Trump had insulted Trudeau all week before the summit. But, what really bothers me is that Navarro didn’t whine for the president or the United States. He whined for Donald J. Trump, as though it’s sacrilege to cross the man. This sycophancy is terrifying.

Republicans accused Obama of destroying our alliances and betraying their trust. Those same Republicans are silent on Trump being an international embarrassment and giving our allies an education that we are not to be trusted.

Trump is dining with Kim Jong Un in about three hours from when this blog is being written. He’s openly floated the idea of having the North Korean dictator and murderer to the White House. He wants Russia reinstated back into the G7 despite their invasion and annexation of Crimea, their poisoning people on British soil, and their tampering in our elections. He praises authoritarians while attacking our allies. He is not a champion of freedom, liberty, or democracy.

Donald J. Trump is an ugly American baby. And there’s a special place in Hell for those who enable and don’t defend us from him.

Watch me draw.

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  1. I was trying to come to grips with the disgust I felt over Navarro’s statement. It was so absurd I had to investigate as Trudeau MUST have said something really terrifying about Trump. Well. He didn’t. You summed it up Clay; “But, what really bothers me is that Navarro didn’t whine for the president, or the United States. He whined for Donald J. Trump, as though it’s sacrilege to cross the man.” This is some scary shit.

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    1. I’m afraid that if we can’t get this Idiot Dictator in the Pig Sty out of office soon, or at least have the Democrats take over the CONgress, it will get a LOT worse.

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