Roseanne Reboot


I did not watch the reboot of Roseanne on Tuesday night. I’d like to say I avoided it because of Roseanne Barr’s bizarre worship of Donald Trump. I don’t need a sitcom to laugh at ridiculous people oblivious to reality degrade themselves by worshiping an egocentric dumbass. I have Facebook for that. If nothing else, I can just wait for Kellyanne Conway to appear on CNN or Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ daily briefing.

The truth is, I didn’t watch it because it was something I forgot I knew. I read they were rebooting the sitcom of the working class family, and I had a mild curiosity of how the characters had changed over time. Then I totally forgot all about it. I didn’t even know it was premiering this week. This is what happens when your TV is constantly on news. The last time I changed the channel number one UVA got blown out by a sixteen-seed. On second thought, maybe I should have watched Roseanne.

I liked the show back in the day, but a few months ago I stumbled upon it on TV Land or some channel like that, and it wasn’t as enjoyable as before. Maybe it was a place I didn’t wanna go back to. Maybe it has something to do with the show’s fictional location, Lanford, Illinois being based on a town I lived in when I was a kid, Elgin, Illinois. It’s kinda depressing.

There’s nothing more depressing than watching someone who used to stand up for the working class and equal rights turn around and support Donald Trump. I mostly feel bad for Dan Connor, who was killed off in the series, but whose death is ignored for the reboot, and he’s back. Death has to be better than marriage to a Trump-supporting Roseanne.

What I really am not in the mood for is being preached to about getting along with those we disagree with. Roseanne presents us with a family torn apart by politics. I don’t have a problem being civil and tolerant of people I disagree with politically. I have a problem dealing with people who are hypocrites and base all their beliefs on lies, conspiracies, and racism. I don’t suffer fools and I don’t have time or tolerance for people worshiping a cult of stupid personality.

Trump supporters are not Bush supporters. They’re not Romney supporters and they’re not McCain supporters. I can argue with those people all night long and share a beer. Those politicians had policies I felt were bad for this nation, but none of them were self-serving and selling our nation out to Russians. None of them praised Nazis and endorsed pedophiles. None of them insulted veterans, women, Muslims, and Mexicans. None of them were getting richer off the government, practicing nepotism, and appointing their favorite TV personalities to government positions, or doctors who lied about their weight. Those politicians had policies that angered me and made me concerned for my nation. The president we have now has me afraid for my nation.

Some people say we need to be civil and try to understand each other. I never did understand birthers and they never tried to understand me. Today, Trump supporters refuse to listen to facts, so why should I listen to their lies other than to be updated on the daily crapola talking point? Why should I have tolerance for people who vilify high school students who survived a school shooting that killed 17 of their friends, classmates, and teachers?

I don’t want to watch Roseanne and be reminded that half our country isn’t just accepting the gutting of our nation, they’re rejoicing in it. I don’t need a fictional idiot for that because there are enough real ones out there.

Roseanne Barr is one of them. I don’t have to tolerate her.

The video.

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  1. I don’t have TV and have no interest in keeping up with TV personalities but it was a real shocker to discover that Roseanne is a Trump groupie!! I watched the old Roseanne, and always just assumed she was one of us…. 😦

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  2. It’s too bad you’re so closed minded, it was VERY funny and dripping in satire…she’s not a die hard anything. I can’t stand Trump, I’ve had a distrust of him since 80’s but how THEY handled the fact that differences of opinion within the same household are common…was so perfect a glimpse into everyday Americans. Get off your high horse and come down with us normal people and grow a sense of humor. (you’d think a cartoonist would know better)


    1. Cheerio too! As I step up on my high horse “Charlie Boy”. I love a good bit of the giggles like most folks, why I love these brilliant cartoons! I completely missed the whole thing about Roseanne, until I saw it on the news this evening. I do not find Roseanne funny anymore, I feel she’s too crude, too crass and downright mean. I listen to the “Lump in the Oval” every night on the news to get that. Sorry Rosie, he’s better at it than you.

      The demographics show high ratings for Trump’s voting underbelly…can’t wait for Colbert! πŸ™‚

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      1. I always thought Roseanne was crude, crass and mean, and stopped watching the show shortly after it came out. So I won’t be watching the reboot, either. πŸ˜› And yeah–What’s up with all the reboots? Hollywood and TV can’t come up with anything new?

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  3. Apparently I’m abnormal and close-minded as well, according to your commenter above. Fortunately, since I don’t know him and don’t tend to judge people based on their television preferences, I can get on with my day atop my high horse. Yeee-haaa. Thought the cartoon was very funny.

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  4. Regarding David (@Daverain1967), if he’s been following you for any great length of time I don’t know why he would be surprised, let alone upset, over your blog post. I agree with what you said about the Trumpistas not being like Bush, Romney or McCain supporters. It is impossible to reason with people who have gone so far into the land of insanity that they can’t even see the horizon anymore.

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  5. No wonder more people are now watching Netflix, hulu and others. The “big three” TV networks have run out of ideas for original shows, so they’re re-hashing the old ones. Easy money.
    Can’t wait for the “new” “Murphy Brown” I won’t be watching. Didn’t watch it before.

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  6. “Why should I have tolerance for people who vilify high school students who survived a school shooting that killed 17 of their friends, classmates and teachers?”
    Trump, trumpism and the trumptards are Fascism-Lite in ‘mer’ca. This is not America. I know it’s been said before, but now it’s really here and out there for anyone with brains to see the obvious.

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