Sacramento Bang Bang


An unarmed black man was shot and killed in his grandmother’s backyard by police in Sacramento. The White House says Donald Trump hasn’t commented on it because it’s a local matter. Apparently, Trump is afraid to comment because he believes the young man was shot by a porn star.

On March 18, two police officers shot 22-year-old Stephon Clark, and on the video, you can hear one of the offices say they can’t find Clark’s gun. They couldn’t find his gun because Clark didn’t have a gun. Shortly after the shooting and the comment, the officers turned off the audio on their body cameras.

Demonstrators have blocked access twice in the past week to Sacramento Kings basketball games. They crashed a forum at city hall which made the mayor abruptly cancel the meeting. Who let all these black people in here? Maybe if your cops didn’t shoot an unarmed man 20 times in his grandmother’s backyard then you wouldn’t have to sit through disorderly meetings.

Police brutality against African-Americans didn’t start or end during the Obama administration, but at least Obama addressed it. Now, we have an administration that chooses to ignore it, and in some cases, encourages police violence. We might have to disrupt a lot more than a couple of basketball games.

Black lives don’t just matter in Sacramento. This is a national issue. Stephon Clark should not have been a victim of police brutality and his name not be forgotten.

It might get loud.

Here’s the video.

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  1. One of the most astonishing aspects of all this is that the administration seems to think that elderly white males (like me) find nothing offensive in the murder of young black males. So far as Il Dumpe and his cohorts are concerned, it’s impossible for human beings to think or empathize outside their own demographic.

    How desolate their souls must be.

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  2. Yes, what happened was horrible, and yes, it is a national issue. However, after reading all the accounts I can find, what this incident has shown me is this: There are two different descriptions of this event. Either it is described as you have here, or, there is almost no description, but emphasis on the fact that there needs to be a thorough investigation instead. These two versions have one thing in common. Both are INCOMPLETE. The version that assumes the cops are guilty leaves out everything leading up to the encounter (for example, was Clark the one they were chasing or did the chasing helicopter make a terrible error?). The other version comes mostly from the authorities, which explains the lack of detail and emphasis on investigation. I am retired from 28 years in a regulatory investigative position, so I tend to wait until all the facts are released to form an opinion, but I can tell you one thing for sure. It doesn’t matter how this turns out – anyone who has already formed an opinion is not going to change his/her mind at this point. No matter what happens, half of those paying attention are going to be unhappy.

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    1. “….that assumes the cops are guilty leaves out everything leading up to the encounter…”

      How would anything leading up to the encounter change the fact that police shot an unarmed Black man twenty times in his own backyard, in a context in which we hear every month, if not every week, of police shooting unarmed Black males?!?!

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