Costa Rican Gayday


I drew this cartoon last week for The Costa Rica Star.

Costa Rica’s uber-evangelical candidate Fabricio Alvarado’s team has stated being gay doesn’t mean a maybe-future Fabricio administration won’t hire you. It just means that you probably won’t be able to work for them and if you do, you have to stay in the closet.

If you do become a member of the Alvarado administration, you can’t engage in homosexual behavior, like being in a gay pride parade, which is an example they cited. You also probably will not be tolerated if you give off a perceived gay vibe.

Fabricio is in a statistical dead heat with Carlos Alvarado (no relation). Fabricio has pulled out of five planned debates, most likely because Carlos will eat him alive. Fabricio doesn’t really have any position except being anti-gay. Seriously. His entire platform is, no gays, no gays, no gays. He is so afraid of gays that he’s probably gayer than Mike Pence.

Fabricio is the candidate for the National Restoration Party, which is very religious. Fabricio himself is a preacher and a Christian singer. It’ll be like electing an ignorant game-show host to your nation’s highest office. I wish there was an example where that’s already in place, so I can point out how it doesn’t work.

Carlos is from the Citizen Action Party, which is caught up in the Cementazo scandal (which Fabricio isn’t entirely clean of himself) and hasn’t done anything with its leadership role to pull the nation out of debt, repair the economy, or restore its credit rating. While Carlos’ party is responsible for most of the nation’s ills, Fabricio doesn’t even know what they are.

In the early 1990s, the race for Louisiana’s governor was between former Democratic governor Edwin Edwards, who had a history of corruption, and former grand wizard David Duke. There were bumper stickers in the state which read, “Vote for the crook. It’s important.”

Carlos Alvarado hasn’t been shown to be a crook at all. His greatest crime so far is that he’s associated with a party that’s failed to lead the nation out of debt and restore its economy.

But, the voting citizens of Costa Rica need to vote for Carlos Alvarado. It’s important.

Here’s the video.

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