The Bald Spot


Donald Trump made two very surprising acknowledgements last week. First, he finally admitted that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election. It’s true, he didn’t admit they sought to help him win the election, that they had any effect on the results, or that his campaign was involved in any way. It’s also true he used it to attack Obama and didn’t criticize or say anything negative about Russia or Vladimir Putin.

His second admission may have been even more shocking. Donald Trump acknowledged he has a bald spot. What’s even weirder is that he did it at CPAC. Why would he do that at CPAC, an organization that’s gone from Republicanism to Trumpism? It’s an organization that has allowed Donald Trump to define what they stand for, which is the cult of Trump. Trump could tell the goons at CPAC that he farts Skittles, and they’d believe him and want to taste the rainbow. He could have kept the lie hidden by the most ridiculous comb-over in the world before CPAC. These are people who booed a panelist who criticized Republicans for endorsing a child molester.

What will Trump reveal next? His taxes? He does have false teeth? His weight is actually way above 239? He’s shorter than Obama? He paid off porn stars? His fingers really are teeny tiny which means he has a small…

Donald Trump’s hair is the perfect metaphor to describe the man. His most prominent physical feature is a lie. It’s designed to give the impression there is substance where there is actually none.

Speaking of sloppy cover-ups that fail to conceal and a lack of substance, Trump claims the Republican memo written by Devin Nunes totally exonerates him from colluding with Russia and engaging in obstruction of justice. The memo itself is part of the obstruction, written by Trump stooges and sycophants who put party and cult worship over country.

The Democrats finally released their memo over the weekend. The Democratic Memo, written by Adam Schiff, had information redacted after their first attempt to release it. The Republican memo was released without any redactions over the objections of the FBI and Justice Department.

The Republican memo is designed to make us believe the FBI violated all sorts of procedures in obtaining a FISA warrant against Carter Page, an adviser to the Trump campaign who was suspected of being a Russian spy. The Nunes memo tries to discredit the Russia investigation by claiming the FBI and Justice Department hoodwinked the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court when it sought to monitor Page. They argue the FBI’s investigation relied heavily on the dossier written by a former MI6 agent, Christopher Steele, and financed by Democrats. The Schiff memo destroys the GOP’s arguments and talking points.

The Republican memo is four pages long. The Democratic memo is ten. It points out that the FBI was investigating Carter Page nearly two months before they were aware there was a dossier. The dossier only corroborated the FBI’s observations and was just a part of the documents in the FBI’s request for the warrants. As for it being a biased warrant, the four judges on the FISA court are Republicans. Perhaps they haven’t received the news yet that the Republican Party no longer cares about national security, treason, and law enforcement.

The Nunes Memo argues the court was unware the dossier was funded by Democrats. The Schiff memo debunks that lie.

Schiff’s memo points out that Page traveled to Moscow, had “past relationships with Russian spies,” spent time during the 2016 campaign involved in “interaction with Russian officials,” was “knowingly assisting clandestine Russian intelligence activities in the U.S.” and was “someone the FBI assessed to be an agent of the Russian government.” The Republicans are actually crying that a suspected agent for Russia had his rights violated. Other than Paul Manafort, Carter Page is the most likely person in this investigation to land in prison. It’ll be interesting to see if the GOP continues to defend him.

Speaking at CPAC, Devin Nunes said the Democrat’s memo is, “clear evidence that the Democrats are not only trying to cover this up, but they’re also colluding with parts of the government to help cover this up.”

Trump tweeted, “The Democrat memo response on government surveillance abuses is a total political and legal BUST. Just confirms all of the terrible things that were done. SO ILLEGAL!” He told Fox News that the memo was “nothing” and that Schiff is a “bad guy.”

It takes a lot of nerve for Trump and Nunes to accuse others of writing a politically-motivated memo and colluding. Trump probably hasn’t even read either memo.

If you’re bald and wear a wig or sport a comb-over, you’re still bald. Releasing a memo stating you’re not a traitor, doesn’t mean you’re not a traitor.

Here’s the video, kids. It’s a lot shorter.

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  1. The Bump in the Oval as I refer to him, is a comedy act unto himself. Every friggin time he opens his mouth he gives himself away! It would be funny, like…in another lifetime

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