Omarosa Kicked Off Ponderosa


I didn’t want to do a cartoon about the pathetic and ridiculous Omarosa Manigault Newman. I don’t like giving more attention to celebrities who are famous without any recognizable achievements. Why are the Kardashians famous? How about Paris Hilton? What have they done or contributed to society? Even a bad actor like Keanu Reeves or a lousy musician like Justin Bieber has put time and effort into what they do. A person like Omarosa being famous is a real head-scratcher. If you heard of her before now, can you tell me what she did other than appearing on Donald Trump’s fake reality show, The Apprentice?

I’ll ask an easier question. Can you tell me what she did in the White House? Her official title was White House director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison, but it seemed she spent more time pissing people off and planning her wedding. In fact, she brought her 39-person bridal party to the White House for a photo shoot.

The Daily Beast published an article before she was canned titled, “No one knows what Omarosa is doing in the White House, even Omarosa.” It’s very fascinating, though not enough for me to finish reading the article. Ridiculous and incompetent people can only hold my attention for so long, unless their finger is on the nuclear button.

Many people saw Omarosa as a Trump tool, which is what most people are who work for Trump. Omarosa’s presence and willingness to degrade herself for Trump is more laughable, and disgusting than most, as she was used as Trump’s “black friend.” That’s when someone cites a minority they know, dated, slept with, or are friends with to prove they’re not racist. It’s kinda like when someone says they’re not anti-Semitic because their lawyer “is a Jew.”

Put down your coffee because I don’t want you to spit it on your computer monitor for this part. During the campaign, Omarosa’s title was Director of African-American Outreach. Great job with that outreaching, Omarosa.

What she was, was ridiculous. She once accused the Congressional Black Caucus of “showboating” after they refused a meeting with Trump, but signed her name on the invitation as “the Honorable Omarosa Manigault.” 

According to reports, Omarosa was literally dragged out of the White House. She denies this and the Secret Service says they didn’t drag her out, which means someone else dragged her out. Reportedly, she attempted to barge into the residential area of the White House to whine about her firing to the big orange cheese himself. Her ouster has been reported as another of Chief-of-Staff John Kelly’s purges. It makes sense. With Trump there how many more stupid and absurd people do you need on the premises?

Now, Omarosa claims she’s going to write a book, as basically the only black person in the Trump White House, exposing the horrible stuff she didn’t like going on in. Really? Now you’re going to take a stand?

Omarosa outperformed Sebastian Gorka for sycophant quotes praising Trump. Gorka proclaimed Trump’s authority “would not be questioned.” During a previous interview, she said everyone would eventually bow down to Trump, and his becoming the most powerful man in the world was the ultimate revenge on everyone who had ever challenged or questioned him. Those were her words but I’m sure the sentiment is shared by Trump. I don’t think someone’s objective for leadership should be revenge or a desire for people to bow before you.

A friend of hers said, “She had many opportunities to do right by women, blacks, poor people, and humanity and has never risen to the challenge.” Leona Allen of The Dallas Morning News wrote, “Omarosa was too caught up in shallow selfishness and her appetite for fame and drama to be of use to anyone.” I know that’s shocking. She has a friend?

Omarosa has not written her book yet, so I’m sure it’ll be out by next Wednesday. I wouldn’t expect to gain any major insights into the inner workings or turmoil in the Trump administration, but we might find out how to use our workplaces as settings for bridal-party photo shoots.

We don’t know what Omarosa actually did before she was fired, and we sure as hell don’t know what she’s doing now, despite still being on the payroll. The Secret Service has deactivated her badges and passes for entering the White House, so it’s not like she’s going to work.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about this and she told the press to take it up with the White House’s human resources’ department. No, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Since the money going to Omarosa is our money then we deserve to know what it’s being paid for. And, since we’re paying your salary as Trump’s spokesgoon, Sarah, why don’t you get off your ass, do your freaking job, go to human resources, get the answer so you can answer the freaking question.

I’m sure Omarosa will do as much she possibly can to further, or retain, her fame. She’s definitely put more into that than she has in doing for others. Maybe, when her book does come out it will retain her 15 minutes, when she doesn’t even deserve 15 seconds.

Despite all the firings and resignations in an extremely short time for this White House, I still have plenty of characters to make fun of. None of them are “honorable.”

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  1. Omarosa out, Jones is in, hope is on the horizon. I heard her say in an interview the other day that things have been done to “her people” that have made her uncomfortable. That’s funny because now suddenly she is going to be an advocate for “her people?” I propose a name change to O-morose-a. Because she is certainly morose. I can’t wait for the future when we can look back on this time and talk about how people like O-morose-a, Kelly Ann Conman, and Sarah Slanders will be seen for who they really are. I wish I could draw cartoons, I would do one with the three of them. They are like the trifecta of Trump evil.

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