Me Too Part Two


Americans are justly outraged over the revelations that Harvey Weinstein spent decades sexually harassing, and maybe, raping actresses. The anger has only intensified as more and more of his victims speak out. It’s even worse now that it’s been revealed his company had clauses in his contract regarding sexual harassment.

In Weinstein’s contract, there were stipulations that he had to pay penalties to his company for each time they paid off an accuser. Most contracts don’t work that way as it’s usually accepted that if you grope people then you’ll be fired, and not treated as if you only ran red lights.

As the #MeToo campaign took over social media, men started to realize just how common sexual harassment is. That was the campaign’s purpose, in addition to making men look into their own behavior. I have looked into my own behavior.

I can honestly tell you I have never sexually harassed anyone at work…as far as I know. I hope I haven’t done it in my personal life. I hope at my very worst, I’ve only been annoying. But, I am positive I have inadvertently made someone feel uncomfortable in the past. For that, I apologize to anyone who I may have ever offended. The last thing I want is for anyone to feel pressure or discomfort from being around me, other than normal reasons to find me unpleasant. I don’t want to be THAT guy, so I will try to keep it in mind for the rest of my life.

I was actually thinking about that over the past few years. It’s OK if everyone else needs the #MeToo campaign. Nobody is perfect, especially me. Sometimes a little push is necessary.

I’m not surprised how many women I know who typed “#MeToo.” I would be more surprised to meet a woman who claims she’s never been harassed. I’ve lived with girls. I have a mother. I have sisters. I have a lot of friends who are girls, and I was never blind to it in the workplace. In almost every instance, I watched the perpetrator get away with it.

And, it seems you’ll have a hard time finding a man who wasn’t sexually harassed. At least, that’s what I’m seeing on social media. Here’s the thing, dudes. The #MeToo campaign wasn’t created for you to hijack it.

I’ve been sexually harassed. I’m sure it’s happened a few times, but only one stands out. It was terrible and made me dread going to work. I actually requested a transfer and I got it. The moral of this is, only the one stands out to me.

Yes, it’s terrible to be sexually harassed whether you’re a man or a woman. But, men are not subjected to it nearly as often. Men don’t face the humiliation nearly as much. Men are rarely put into the position where they don’t have the power, or they’re physically weaker. Men are rarely harassed to the point where they have fear. Even as bad as my situation became, I never had fear. Hell, even when they make a movie about it, the harasser is Demi Moore. So, guys. Shut up. This time, it’s not about you. But, good job of using the #MeToo campaign to perfectly illustrate that you. don’t. get. it.

The other people who don’t get it are the conservatives using the Weinstein issue to promote their agendas. If the agenda is to end sexual harassment, good. Use it. Politicize it. But, that’s not the agenda.

Every political cartoonist has drawn on the Weinstein issue. That includes the conservative cartoonists, but each time they do it, it’s to attack Democrats. One of them has drawn on it three days in a row with the same message (for him, it’s the new Benghazi). I saw another one criticize NBC for not covering the issue…though NBC has been covering the issue. Of course, none of those people criticized Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, or Donald Trump. For them, sexual harassment is a partisan issue. Conservatives don’t get irony or hypocrisy. They rarely get humor.

Donald Trump Jr. is another conservative who doesn’t get hypocrisy. He tweeted at Jimmy Kimmel to tell some Weinstein jokes. Kimmel sent Jr. the Access Hollywood tape where his daddy bragged about grabbing vaginas. Don Jr. once famously said that women who can’t handle a little sexual harassment should go teach kindergarten.

Ted Cruz sent out a tweet that the Clinton Foundation should get rid of all the money Weinstein donated to them. Maybe the charity should donate it to charity.

Then, there are the schmucks at Fox News. Tucker Carlson said, “many powerful people knew what Harvey Weinstein was doing, and not only ignored his crimes, but actively took his side against his many victims.” Is he describing Hollywood and Weinstein, or Fox News and Roger Ailes? Nobody at Fox knew what was going on? Oh wait. They had previous settlements as well. Again, conservatives don’t get hypocrisy.

Sean Hannity said, “Liberals love to be so sanctimonious, holier than thou, but they’re really hypocrites.” Yeah, hypocritical would be politicizing this while having dinner at the White House with Donald Trump, the chief pussy grabber.

Donald Trump said it wasn’t a surprise to learn about Weinstein. It’s not a surprise that Trump can flagrantly wield the sword of hypocrisy, but while Weinstein has been ostracized, after Ailes was fired Trump brought him on as an adviser.

Bill O’Reilly isn’t getting off the hook here. He tweeted at CNN’s Jake Tapper about his low ratings. Tapper replied with, “Low’ would be sexually harassing staffers and then getting fired for it — humiliated in front of the world. Now THAT would be low.”

Low is using the Weinstein issue and neglecting to focus on the victims. If you don’t have anything to say regarding the seriousness of the issue, or even to acknowledge that it’s a non-partisan, maybe you should just shut the hell up.

Next time you see or hear “me too,” maybe you should just listen.

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  1. This one was solid gold Clay. There is not a woman alive who has never been sexually harassed, assaulted and/or raped and men have been winking and saying “boys will be boys”. Thank you for being the exception.

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  2. I remember a man wrote to Ann Landers saying he was sexually harassed by the predominantly female staffed office he worked in. He felt it interfered with his job didn’t appreciate it so he reported it to his boss. She didn’t believe it and told him to go back to work. “That doesn’t happen to men.” she said.

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