Health Care Detained


I know. This cartoon is pretty harsh. While I don’t believe Republicans really want to hurt Americans, I do believe the majority of them put their special interests above the health of our citizens. They don’t want us to see what’s going on behind their curtain.

It’s terrible that Otto Warmbier was detained for 17 months by North Korea for swiping a propaganda poster he wanted to keep as a souvenir. It’s a tragedy that the Kim regime returned him in a coma, which he died from on Monday. The mystery is: what did the Kim regime do to Warmbier that put him into a coma?

My point here is that Republicans in Washington need to express a bit more concern than Kim Jong Un does for the health of Americans. They can start by crafting their health care plan in open and not in secret away from the American public, their Democratic opponents, and even the majority of their own party.

I’m for open government, here and in North Korea. I’m also for punishing those who seek to hurt Americans, intentionally or not.

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