Big Nasty Georgia Peach


While Democrats are really disappointed by losing the special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional district, Republicans are euphoric.

During the time of the primaries and the general election, the United Kingdom called and held an election for Parliament. We really take a long time with elections as our presidential campaigns last over two years. Sheesh!

There are challenges for both parties to take away from this election.

For the Republicans, they can’t get too excited. This was a seat they’ve held since Jimmy Carter was president. It’s a seat they usually win by large margins but with Trump in office, they’re barely clinging to them. They won Georgia by about four points.

They’re also gleeful that they’re 4-0 with special elections since Trump took office. They see these wins as proof that Trump is not hurting the down-ballot candidates. What they won’t mention on the news shows is that each of those wins was in very conservative districts in Georgia, Montana, Kansas, and South Carolina. They’re supposed to win these districts without much of any challenges, but they’re barely hanging onto them.

The challenge for Democrats is, don’t lose hope. They can’t let these losses cut into their enthusiasm or destroy their resistance. These were very red districts.

The midterm elections will be held next year and in politics, a year is a long time. A year of Donald Trump will give Democrats more ammunition, enthusiasm, and Republicans less to cling to. There are about 70 districts across the nation currently held by Republicans that are more susceptible for Democrats to flip. And maybe each seat won’t take over $50 million combined by both parties.

Some pundits are saying Jon Ossoff should have run harder to the left. He ran as a civil person and didn’t focus on Donald Trump. Being civil and reasonable won’t attract Republicans so I don’t see how being confrontational will. He was a good candidate for this district.

I saw some posts on social media from people blaming Bernie Sanders and saying everything he touches dies. I don’t see it that way. Who was he going to support in this election?

Karen Handel won the race by avoiding Donald Trump. He didn’t campaign for her and she didn’t mention his name until her victory speech. Then her crowd started shouting “Trump” repeatedly. It reminded me of the rally I attended in Virginia which made me feel like I stepped into a 1923 Munich Beer Hall.

Now that Handel has her seat she’s gonna have to kiss Trump’s seat. For that, just imagine it’s a Georgia peach.

A great big nasty Georgia peach.

Creative notes: Some of my clients may be afraid of this cartoon since it shows buttocks. I usually avoid butts in cartoons but a lot of my colleagues draw them all the freaking time. Some of them draw them so much I’m starting to think they have issues. I tried to make it look as much as a peach as possible. For them, pretend it’s a peach.

I had another idea on a different subject which will also scare my clients. Even if I have to put it off tomorrow (depending on what happens in the news), I am determined to draw it this week. I should probably do something this week that won’t freak my editors out.

I am currently blogging this from Starbucks at 6:40 a.m. as my home internet went out around 3:00 a.m. I don’t know. I unplugged stuff and plugged it back in. I’ll be screaming at someone later today.

Starbucks is really fricking cold this morning and there are screaming/squealing children which made it very hard to write. I’m going home.

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