Hairy Charitable Givings


Donald Trump has a history of fuckery when it comes to charity.

In 1996 there was a benefit for a nursery school in Manhattan serving children with AIDS. Trump showed up to the ribbon cutting despite not being invited. He also wasn’t a contributor, nor even offered to make a donation when the event was over. He showed up to take part in the photo-op with other celebrities. He knew there would be press coverage.

Trump brags about donating his own money while contributing other people’s money and claiming it as his own. That’s Trump fuckery.

Trump promised to donate the proceeds from Trump University. He promised to donate his salary from The Apprentice and to make personal donations to the contestants’ charities of choice. He promised to donate $250,000 to Israeli soldiers and veterans. Today, there is no documentation or any proof that he ever made any of those contributions.

Between 2008 to spring of 2016, the only donation that could be found from Trump was $10,000 to a police athletic league in New York City, unless you consider Donald Trump a charity case.

Trump’s charity, The Trump Foundation, plays off like a philanthropic foundation for a rich man to give his riches away. Instead, it’s mostly donations from other people to support Trump’s favorite cause, which is Donald Trump.

The Trump Foundation once paid $264,631, its largest gift EVER, to renovate a water fountain outside the Trump Plaza Hotel. The smallest donation it ever made was $7.00 to the Boy Scouts of America back in 1989. Coincidentally at the time, $7.00 was also the fee to register a new scout. Another coincidence, at that time Trump’s oldest son was 11-years-old. That is some serious cheap-ass Trump fuckery.

Trump has also used the foundation’s money to pay off legal disputes for his businesses and to purchase gifts for himself, like portraits of Trump and sports memorabilia. He even once used the Foundation’s money to donate to a Florida politician, who then dropped an investigation into Trump University. More Trump fuckery.

During the Republican primaries, Trump skipped a debate and held a fundraiser for veterans. His campaign claimed he donated $1 million but months later it couldn’t be found. After the press called him out on it, he eventually donated the money to a Marine Corps-law enforcement foundation.

In one of his books written by someone else, Trump said; “we’ve benefited from the American Dream and we feel the duty to give back to the community.” Regarding those who don’t give back, Trump said “those who don’t are nothing more than parasites.”

Interesting that he uses the term “parasites.”

A new investigative piece in Forbes (yay journalism!) reveals that Donald Trump, and evil douche-bag son No. 2 Eric, used charitable events at his golf courses to pad their own wallets. Shocking. Notice, I didn’t put an exclamation point at the end of that last sentence.

Donald made Eric start hosting his fundraisers for St. Jude Research Hospital at his golf courses where Eric claimed they could use the venues for free. Instead, Trump’s golf courses made $1.2 million which is really outrageous for a one-day golf tournament.

Also, $500 thousand donated to Eric’s charity to help children with cancer, was re-donated to other charities, many of which were connected to Trump family members or interests, including at least four groups that subsequently paid to hold golf tournaments at Trump courses.

Earlier in the week, Eric Trump said those who criticize his father lack morals and aren’t even people. Ouch! But I bet those who criticize his father aren’t the type of parasites who would steal money from kids with cancer.

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  1. The man is a scumbag. And his “religious” voters thought he was a more “moral” choice than Clinton…. Of course most loud people who wave the Bible around have read only three or four verses.

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