It’s Always In The Last Place You Look


Have you checked your pockets and couch cushions? Maybe it’s off the Korean peninsula or the Indian Ocean. Check the Sunda Strait off the coast of Indonesia. Perhaps it’s in Fulton County.

Donald Trump is boasting that he’s done more in his first 90 days as president than any other American president has before him. He might have a point as I can’t think of any other who nearly got us into a nuclear confrontation and lost track of an aircraft carrier in that time frame.

Criticize Obama all you want about not acting on his “red line” threat with Syria, but at least he didn’t attempt to intimidate a rogue regime with an “armada” and then send it in the wrong direction. Trump has already confused Iraq for Syria. Maybe he confused North Korea with Australia. At least he still has Mike Pence’s steely gaze while wearing that leather bomber jacket to let them know he means business. Hope there’s no gay people in North Korea.

While that fleet was tooling around the wrong ocean Trump was bullying children at the White House Easter egg roll. A kid asked him to sign his “Make America Great Again” cap, and perhaps thinking he was doing the kid a favor, tossed it into the crowd after signing it. I hope Kim Jong-un was paying attention. Later he couldn’t find his heart. Melania, visiting from NYC, had to inform him where it was so he could put his hand over it during the singing of the national anthem.

One person who may not want to sport a MAGA hat is Karen Handel, the Republican who will be facing Democrat Jon Ossoff in a runoff for Georgia’s 6th District Congressional seat. Republican Bob Gray fancied himself the Trump guy but he only scored 10% of the vote in Tuesday’s special election. Ms. Handel won 19% and that still pales in comparison to Ossoff, who led the voting with 48%. Out of the eighteen candidates running for the seat vacated by Tom Price, who bailed to become Trump’s Health and Human Services secretary, twelve were Republicans. The GOP will rally around Handel to retain the seat for their party though all the GOP candidate’s combined vote total doesn’t match or beat Ossoff’s total. As Scooby would say, “ruh roh.”

The Sixth has been in Republican hands for over 30 years. Newt Gingrich used to hold it. Trump barely won the district last November and he may lose it for his party now. Republicans recently barely retained a seat in Kansas and almost lost it to the Democrats because of Trump. Kansas! Did I mention that other seat was in Kansas? The same Kansas where they outlawed science had people voting for a Democrat. Before you know it they’ll start reading books. Kansas!

Trump’s going to lose a lot for the Republican party. They’ve already lost their credibility and dignity. My biggest concern is what Trump will lose for the rest of us. I’m fine with him losing MAGA hats.

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