Trump Cup


While many Trump supporters are going to Starbucks and demanding that “Trump” be written on their $5.00 caramel creme brulee frappuccino while whining they’re being mistreated because they’re white, white nationalists are holding rallies and victory parades and sieg heiling Donald Trump.

I’m not talking about a couple of good-ole boys from the backwoods of North Carolina in a rusty pickup truck yee-hawing about Trump while waving the Confederate flag. These racists are partying in the nation’s capital.

During the weekend an organization that calls itself the National Policy Institute held a gathering in Washington. While the name lends the impression they huddled together to get all wonky, what they actually did was “hail Trump” and talk about the white race.

Their leader, Richard Spencer, made remarks that suggested Jews are not human, and quoted the old Nazi term “luegenpresse” in “the original German,” as he put it, to lambast the “lying press.” He talked a lot about the European race and questioned if some people are people at all, and calling fellow human beings “the most despicable creatures ever to populate the planet.” He finished his speech with a “hail Trump” which the audience joined in. It’s not clear if the “hail” remained a “hail” or if it degenerated into a “heil” but what is clear is that many members were captured on video giving the old “sieg heil” Nazi salute. If you ever want to hail something, make sure you’re firm with that enunciation. It’s important.


The event was held at an Italian restaurant in the District which really surprised the owners and staff as the white nationalists had booked the place under the guise of a family reunion. It has to be kinda alarming when you expect people to be enjoying lasagna and breadsticks with their grandchildren and instead you find them sieg heiling all around your minestrone. Bastards.

The only way this could get more bizarre would be if a porn star showed up, sieg heiled along, and tweeted out a “sieg heil” with a photo. Oh wait. That happened too. Tila Tequila (probably not her real name because if you name your kid “Tila Tequila” you’re pretty much mapping out a future life in the porn industry) tweeted out a sieg heil and was seen in photos smiling with the salute.

The restaurant ended up closing for the safety of everyone involved as protesters showed up. The establishment is so embarrassed by the incident (and who can blame them? Nobody wants to host a Nazi party. I don’t care if there’s cake and balloons), that they’re donating the entire night’s profit, which is $10,000, to the Anti-Defamation League. How about that, Nazis? Your money’s going to Jews. Ha! Ha!

We might have to stop using the “alt-right” to describe these people sieg heiling, praising Hitler and Donald Trump together, boycotting “Hamilton”, sprawling Nazi graffiti, intimidating minorities, and screaming about what’s on their coffee cups. They’re white nationalists. They’re racists. The National Policy Institute, Steve Bannon, and Breitbart might be trying to disguise it with new names and descriptions, but they’re hate groups. They’re the worst people in the world and our President is encouraging and surrounding himself with them.

And they don’t deserve Italian noodles.

Update: I was wondering when I wrote this if the Nazi event was actually two. I couldn’t find that information in any story early this morning when I wrote the blog. My friend David Kessler did. It is confusing as there was sieg heiling at both events. The first was at the Ronald Reagan Federal Building (go figure) and the other was an after party at the Italian place. Go figure that Nazis enjoy a nice after party to continue the sieg heiling and goose stepping. I wonder if there’s a dating app for Nazis? Maybe Nazi Hook Up?

Another update: This is on a more creative note. I drew the bulk of this cartoon and realized I hated it. Around 2:00 AM this morning I started over. This is what that looked like when I stopped working on it.


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  1. Good god, I hadn’t heard about the coffee thing. There’s some kinds of stupid no amount of caffeine will help. In some ways, I’m glad that the people with abhorrent belief systems are revealing themselves, but then it brings to mind all the discussions about normalization and how that impacts society. My hope is that the cohesion that secrecy buys them begins to disintegrate in the light.

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    1. The biggest problem is that now these people are in charge. Not just the Presidency but the House and the Senate and soon the Supreme Court. There are no longer any checks and balances. I only hope something stops them before they do too much damage.


  2. Don’t wallow in negativity. Yeah, maybe it’s going to get really bad. But the question is, will you let that darkness absorb you?

    “I’m not afraid of the dark
    If we gotta live in the dark
    We will live in the dark
    Won’t see me dying in the light
    I will live in the dark
    I’m not afraid of the dark
    If we gotta live in the dark
    We will live in the dark
    Won’t see me dying in the light
    We will live in the dark

    We will dance in the dark
    We’ll bring candles down to the the dark
    We will love in the dark
    We’ll go home in the dark
    We’ll hold hands in the dark
    ‘Cause when you hold hands in the dark
    You don’t know whose hand you hold
    We’re just humans letting the love flow”

    Live in the Dark, Jeff Beck

    So get your candles out and bring them! put on your “We’re still here” hat and make sure that it is still you that is still here. Because:

    “But when you look back you must realize
    That nothing in your life’s divine
    Everything that’s ever befallen you
    Happened simply ’cause it crossed your mind
    You’re crashing by design.”

    So don’t!


  3. Meanwhile, our national media was largely focused on the Hamilton incident. We are going to need to direct tour outrage and energy in the right direction over the next 4 years and not get distracted. Neo-Nazis in general didn’t scare me that much but now they have a seat at the table of a very malleable president.

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