Trump’s Loyalty


Donald Trump is a birther. He accused the president of being born in Kenya. Trump claimed he sent investigators on the hunt for the evidence.

Then he dropped it and started a campaign for the presidency. When asked about it today he deflects to another subject as if he never engaged in birtherism at all.

Question: Mr. Trump, do you believe the president was born in America? Trump: Clinton Foundation! Emails! Crooked! What?

The birther movement is racist. It’s an attempt to take away the legitimacy of our nation’s first African-American president. There’s no evidence, or even a hint or clue that he was not born in the United States. Today there are still Republicans who believe the president was born in Kenya. These people get their information from Brietbart, 4chan, and Infowars where they also sell the theory that we’re under the control of secret alien lizard people. Now they have given us Donald Trump.

Donald Trump does not like Obama at all and that’s OK. However he likes Russian president Vladimir Putin. He says Putin is a much more effective leader than Obama. Of course Putin is in a system that doesn’t have our three branches of government and he’s engaged in rigging elections and assassinating his political enemies, even journalists. Trump admires how Putin has control of his system. Is this a style of controlling government that Trump envisions?

Trump has defended Russia from accusations that they hacked into the Democratic Party’s email system. He continued to express this Friday on Russian TV, which is controlled by Putin.

Trump’s former campaign manager was a lobbyist for a Putin Puppet. Trumps daughter just finished a vacation with Putin’s girlfriend.  Trump has asked the Russians to release any information they may have hacked from Hillary Clinton’s server. The question has to be asked: whose side is Trump on?

I’m a history buff and I was alive when Ronald Reagan ran against incumbent president Jimmy Carter and I don’t recall him ever expressing admiration of Leonid Brezhnev over Carter. One of Reagan’s most famous quotes was directed at a Soviet Premier which was “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” not “let’s cuddle.”

Today Trump surrogates tells us he believes Obama was born in the United States. Trump hasn’t said it himself. That might be too much like saying he was wrong. Trump was wrong. Trump is wrong on everything.

Trump should never have gone down the birtherism road. But he did and instead of finding evidence proving his case, what he found was to the contrary. If Trump was accountable, respectable, or responsible, he would have stood up like an adult and made as big of a presentation as his birther claim that Obama was born in the U.S.

I’m perfectly fine with Trump wanting to become acquainted with Putin’s backside. I’m just not comfortable with him taking us with him.

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