Blame It On Rio


U.S. Olympic swimmers Ryan Lochte, Gunnar Bentz, Jimmy Feigen, and Jack Conger are currently in turmoil over their story about being mugged in Rio.

The athletes went out on the town to do some partying, stopped at a gas station to pee on a wall, and apparently damaged some property. Before the men could catch a cab security stopped them and demanded they make restitution. The entire ordeal probably would have went away quietly but Lochte being the spoiled, pampered, rich kid that he is decided to whine to the press about being mugged.

Rio suffers from a high crime rate and many worldwide expected that to be among the other issues, like Zyka, putrid water, crumbling infrastructure, NBC’s coverage, etc., to complicate the Olympics. Lochte took advantage of the city’s reputation to help build his profile, build sympathy for himself and exercise his white privilege. Maybe it would have helped with a new Nike contract and he could build a bigger pool for his home in a gated community.

Swim Shady claimed they were pulled out of a cab at gun point by men posing as police. Turns out it was a gas station rent-a-cop.

Lochte left Brasil before the truth started to emerge, but Bentz and Conger were stopped at the airport and taken into custody, eventually released after giving about $11,000 to a local charity. I haven’t read what happened to Feigen.

And yet, we still don’t have the truth. Rio’s police say the swimmers destroyed the bathroom, tearing down the door and a soap dispenser. Bentz says Lochte ripped down a sign and that the swimmers never entered the restroom and urinated outside. USA Today, acclaimed for brevity, colored weather maps, and bathroom investigations, visited the restroom and reported the door and dispenser were still intact. I smell a Pulitzer…that or someone forgot to give a courtesy flush.

Bentz says guns were pointed at them as they were ordered to sit on the sidewalk. After dishing out some cash the guns were put away and the swimmers caught another cab. That should have been the end of the story. I think we’ll continue to get new details over the next few weeks and maybe months. Maybe someone swiped a urinal cake or the cab’s pine tree air freshener.

The swimmers will ultimately be suspended by the U.S. Olympic committee and I wouldn’t expect Ryan Lochte to compete for the team four years from now in Tokyo.

One person who might have believed their pile of crap, if it had included a charge against our president, would have been former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Rudy built a reputation, respect and was admired world wide for his leadership after 9/11. As soon as Barack Obama was elected president he squandered it.

The man once accused Obama of not loving America because he wasn’t brought up “like you and I.” Last week he claimed there weren’t any terrorist attacks in the United States the eight years before Obama was elected president. That was really bizarre for the man who can’t order breakfast without mentioning 9/11 to totally forget that tragedy just because he hates the president. Rudy has dropped down to the level of stupid as birthers and those who blame Obama for Hurricane Katrina. I think we should point out the World Trade Center wasn’t destroyed until Giuliani was mayor.

In fact, Giuliani hates Obama so much he’s willing to become a racist, squander his reputation and credibility and support a racist orange Cheeto gnome for president.

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