A Small Erection


I’m sorry. To my friend, Amanda, who thought the way I draw Trump’s mouth creepy, I’m sorry.

Some editors give me grief for drawing so much on politics, which is bizarre since I’m a political cartoonist. Some narrow it down and ask that I throw something in here and there that’s not on the election. Others go even further and just flat out state that they’re tired of Trump cartoons.

They all have a point. There are other topics. I actually search for stuff that’s not about the elections, and more specifically, Trump. For many of my clients I’m their only source of cartoons and I’m appreciative of that. They do deserve variety. When I try to draw on other subjects, I’m not just trying to help them out as I need some variety also.

Over the past week I’ve been giving one of my best cartoonist buds some grief because he draws a Trump cartoon every. single. day. When he doesn’t draw something on Trump he acts like he deserves a treat.

Sometimes I think giving others a little hassle is my selfish way of keeping myself on my toes. Truth is, I’m often as guilty as they are. But it doesn’t help matters when I’m searching for other topics when Trump is being Trump. I can’t let other people tell me what to draw because when I approach the drawing board I need to focus on what subject is the top story, what needs attention, and what is currently interesting readers the most. Right now I can’t go outside without being asked about Donald Trump. People are not asking me about Iranian ransoms, the Clinton Foundation, or floods. Have you been on Facebook for at least a minute over the past year?

My past two cartoons have been on the tragedy and sadness of the floods in Louisiana and the horror in Syria. Dammit, I needs to draw me a naked Trump.

This week Trump installed the wingnut who’s been running Breitbart to run his campaign. Just in case you’re not aware of Breitbart, it is the most vile, viscous, repulsive, lying, racist, conspiracy-driven, hemorrhoid on the ass of journalism covering American politics. It’s not journalism. It’s a right wing hit site.

There are conservative sources of journalism that are relevant and respected, even though they focus on the opinion side more. National Review and The Weekly Standard are two that immediately come to mind and they’ve produced some serious heavyweight journalists over the years. Breitbart is not among them.

On Thursday a group “erected” statues of a naked Trump named “The Emperor Has No balls” in New York City, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Seattle, and San Francisco (in the Castro district which might make many in that gay district seriously give heterosexuality a thought). They popped up in cities similar to the city-destroying spaceships in Independence Day inciting panic, fear, and mass evacuations. The NYC Parks Department removed their trophy from Manhattan’s Union Square and tweeted “”NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.” The statues actually do not contain testicles but you can see the penis if you squint really hard.

Cleveland’s statue was also removed but the one on Hollywood Blvd. was moved to a store owner’s private property. The city is still barking for him to remove it as some neighbors complained about the vulgarity. I don’t know why they’re upset. It’s not like there’s a lot to see there.

The statues are the brainchild of an activist collective called INDECLINE, which has spoken out against Trump before.

I see these statues as a political statement. Of course I also find it extremely hilarious. I wonder if they made Trump laugh his balls off.

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