How’s My Driving?


It takes a special kind of monster to kill a child. Ten children were among the 84 killed in Nice by a terrorist, apparently inspired by ISIS.

Before you can get over the shock of a terrorists attack there’s another one. Orlando, Turkey, Dallas, Nice, etc. I waited a couple days to draw this cartoon and I’m kinda surprised another attack didn’t preempt it.

Terrorists are creative. They’ve discovered ways to incite fear beyond shooting guns and conventional explosives. They fly planes into buildings, build bombs into their shoes, create explosive crock pots, and drive large trucks through crowds.

The attack in Nice is one that can happen anywhere, especially in the United States. We have more roads and automobiles than anyone. A terrorist wouldn’t have to wait for a holiday to attract a large crowd. He could just wait for a beautiful day in a large city.  It’s hard to anticipate something that’s never happened before.

While we can’t defeat terrorism overnight, we can learn from what created it, and perhaps not repeat those mistakes. Mistakes like invading and destabilizing other nations.

While ISIS recruits and encourages followers they’ve never met, some of their disciples are offering examples how to be involved. The bad guys can’t be the only ones learning. We better take note too.

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