Moment Of Silence


I don’t really believe there’s a man in the sky who controls everything and all is predetermined. I don’t have faith. But when someone says “God bless you” or says they’ll pray for me, I appreciate the sentiment. I don’t really expect them to work.

Prayers don’t work but it’s nice if you believe they do. If God has his mind made up then what’s a prayer going to do? Change his mind? He’ll decide against that typhoon wiping out Fiji? I know there are people out there who will swear they prayed for something and it totally worked, like they prayed and now their herpes only shows up once a month. It’s a miracle!

Praying is often used to give the impression that you’re doing something, when you’re actually not doing anything. It’s a favorite of our do-nothing Congress. Congress hasn’t done a damn thing about anything over the past six years, and they’ve especially ignored the issue of gun control.

Congress won’t even fund studying gun control, or the impact of guns on society. I’m surprised they watch the news to know when there’s another mass shooting, thus informing them it’s time to pray again. They’re content taking money from the NRA to ignore the sales of AR-15s. They forget we’re paying them too. Quite frankly, anyone attempting to purchase an AR-15 or AK-47 should be deemed too unstable to purchase a gun.

They’re really good at scapegoating and dehumanizing homosexuals and then praying for them after a gay nightclub is shot up.

Hey, Congress. Thanks for nothing.

Are you curious on my take of Trump’s statements on the shootings? Come back tomorrow. I have something to say about it.

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