What Apology?


Critics of Obama have a very vivid imagination. He’s signed more executive orders and appointed more czars than others presidents. He was born in Kenya. He’s a Muslim. He’s invading Texas. He’s coming to get our guns. He’s secretly planning to serve a third term (I heard that one the other day). He’s touring the world apologizing for American exceptionalism.

Conservatives and liberals can disagree without making stuff up. There are plenty of things to disagree about regarding Obamacare without scaring the public that there will be death panels deciding who lives and dies.

Obama gave a speech last week in Hiroshima, Japan and a lot of wackaloos are convinced he apologized for the United States dropping the atomic bomb to end World War II. Columnist Charles Krauthammer didn’t hear an apology so he says it was “implicit.” Sarah Palin didn’t hear it either but she doesn’t know the word “implicit” so she went on a huge rant about the president’s “victory lap.” It was more imaginary than implicit.

The president actually spoke of the evil of the Axis powers and justified that the United States put an end to it. But ya’ know, that’s not good enough for Obama’s critics, who I think would harm the United States if it’d embarrass the president.

Did any of these conservatives claiming the president apologized actually listen to his speech? Maybe they did and their problem is comprehension. Maybe when they’re listening to a rational person it’s like when we have to listen to Sarah Palin and attempt to make sense out of it.

It’s bad when hatred of Obama makes normally intelligent people, like Charles Krauthammer, stupid. That’s at least one area where Sarah Palin can’t blame the president.

By the way, your racism toward the president…you may not be saying the “word” but it’s implicit.

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  1. Assuming that those who honestly disagree with his policies are racist is just as bad. Both sides need to realize that exaggeration and bias do more harm than good to the conversation.


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